Friday, 14 March 2008

Moving right along

I can think of absoluely nothing to say today that you might find remotely interesting. I am tired and my brain is having trouble in stringing words together (trust me, it's taken me three goes to write just that sentence without mistakes).

So, I shall thank Alison and Fiona who have both kindly given me this award over the last few days. Thank you both!

The other award that I've not acknowledged on my blog, which is nothing but downright rude really, is from the lovely Jo Beaufoix and I can't tell you how long I've coveted this one!

I've always liked to consider myself a bit off the edge (although that's probably wishful thinking) so to have a mad skillz award is proof of the pudding and the icing on the cake really (yeah, guess who's on a diet a becoming food obsessed. And being on a diet is, of course, the reason I have eaten a bar of chocolate and a pastry this afternoon. "Willpower, willpower, where for art thou willpower".)


  1. Kudos for keeping up with your Blog 365! I would absolutely have a stress melt down to feel that I had to write every day.

    By the way, loved your Handsome Boy below--they're just made for black and white, aren't they? And good luck with your new guy.

  2. Angela, how are you doing? Question for you. Our 1 year old house trained bichon, just spent a week with a nice lady who looks after dogs while you go on holiday. He has come back and started peeing against the furnitiure - aaaarrrggghhh!! What do we do? Is it back to square one?

    Keep up the good work saving those Lurchers!

  3. Andre, my guess is he is re-asserting himself by marking rather than "peeing". Have you had him castrated yet?

  4. Yay, I got that award too, although I'm looking covetously at your mad skillz award :]


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