Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Funeral

Himself attended The Bunny's funeral yesterday.

He'd kept the body in a box as Mr Neighbour had suggested the children would want to say goodbye.

Mr & Mrs Neighbour have been very good about this I have to say. It would have been easy enough for them to say that "Brodie done it" but they don't want the children to turn against him, or any other dog for that matter.

So himself ceremoniously carried the box around to The Neighbours, the children said their goodbyes, and he stood by whilst they buried The Bunny.

When I saw Mr Neighbour this morning, I asked how the children were. Apparently Daughter Neighbour said that she wanted to "go out and cuddle her bunny but he wasn't there". Mr Neighbour rather wryly commented that that was a first and neither of the children were much involved in looking after any of the The Bunnies anyway.

Himself has explained about the Guinea Pigs needing company of their own species and the dangers of housing them with rabbits (thank you Jan and Lesley). Fingers crossed the information has sunk in.


  1. That brings back memories of burying pets in the garden and having a proper little service for them when my girls were growing up.

  2. How very sweet of Himself and how very gracious of Mr. Neighbor.

  3. OOHh how sad for you all. But a nice way to remeber the bunny.

  4. I feel for Himself. It sounds like this was handled very well.

  5. I wanted to put a tender comment here but the picture of the little funeral scene in my head kinda made me giggle.

    And that is wrong!

    So I should go to bed since I am obviously tired. Otherwise dead bunnies would not make me laugh!

  6. Good Neighbors!! All way round.


  7. Ok I know I shouldn't giggle at this because after all....poor bunny...but the way you write it has me smiling...and sad for the poor bunny of course.


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