Saturday, 24 May 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Tomorrow is the first of the two big fundraising dog shows that Greyhound Gap holds each year. Hundreds of people turn up with their hounds and we always have a blast. Whatever the weather.

And boy do we ever always have weather. Every year the weather gods have seen fit to throw just about everything at us. In buckets. This time last year it was torrential rain and, due to the perverse nature of Gap's supporters, we raised the most we have ever raised! Because the weather was so bad, we decided to have another go in September. This time the weather gods threw gale force winds at us and tents and gazeebos took off like giant kites all over the showground.

And tomorrow's forecast? Tomorrow they're throwing both at us. There are severe weather warnings for the central area of England with torrential rain and the possibility of 50mph winds.

But the show will go on because Gap's supporters are fantastic people who just say "oh what the heck" and get on with it anyway! And we love them for it!


  1. Have fun and raise a ton of money!

  2. Hope they have the forecast wrong ~ we have quite strong winds today but so far no rain and it is warm. Hope you gets lots of support and raise a lot of money.

  3. Whatever the weather we will have a cracker of a day!

    Spare gazebo purchased and packed, waterproofs ready and spare clothing allocated. Funny to think that just a couple of weeks ago I was sure we'd be in shorts and t-shirts!

    The forecast is changing all the time... at the moment for the better, but I'll not hold my breath! I suppose it will be whatever it will be.

    See you in the morning!


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