Sunday, 25 May 2008

It rained.

Yes, it rained. Then it rained again. And then it rained some more. All day. Dog show? Drowned rat show more like.

And I got bitten. But that will teach me to stick my fingers in a dog's mouth. Even if that mouth hadh old of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at the time. At least he let go of the Spaniel. My finger must have been more tasty.


  1. Oh joy! What a day for you. Dog bites and fingers can be a bad thing. Are you on antibiotics? Watch for ANY increase in pain, redness or swelling. So sayeth the nurse.

  2. Poor you, wet and bitten. I was bit once, on the arm, and it was very painful, righ up there with a broken bone on the 1-10 scale. At least your bite was for a noble cause.

  3. raining here, too. I like it. But then, I'm not showing dogs or getting my fingers bit, either.

    I hope you bit it back, and harder.

  4. We were out of town and it rained all weekend there too. Then come home to rain. No dog bites though. Ouch!!

  5. Hi Angela, we went to the vet and asked about having our Bichon done as you advised. He was all for it! So it looks like we will be booking him in soon.

    Keep up the good dog saving work!


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