Thursday, 1 May 2008

I want...

...I want a hamster.

When our last dog, Cisco, passed away some eight years ago, Himself needed to wait for a while before we gave a home to another dog. Reluctantly, I agreed. But the house was way too quiet, depressingly so. So, for my birthday, Himself bought me a hamster.

Hercules by name and Hercules by nature. I have never seen so much personality bundled up into such a small package. He performed acrobatics in his cage and loved nothing better than an admiring audience to show off too.

Herc was followed by Bean.

This might sound a bit ridiculous to some of you but Bean could really communicate with me. He had originally been called Egg, but made it quite clear to me that he preferred Bean. Some time later he insisted on Puppy Bean. Lurcher No.1 had always been called Puppy Georgie and he wanted the "Puppy" bit too.

Bean was joined by Chaz who we adopted after someone local to me decided they wanted guinea pigs instead.

Bean passed away and Chaz was joined by Apollo Gemini Valentine. Yes I know, a big name for a little bundle. He couldn't decide between Apollo and Gemini so he got both and Valentine because he arrived on Valentine's Day.

After losing Chaz (the downside of hamsters is that they don't live much more than 18 months/2 years), Apollo was joined by Lola who had belonged to the niece of a friend. Lola was a nippy little thing and the niece wanted something a little more cuddly!

We lost both Apollo and Lola within a few weeks of each other after moving to the cottage last year. Much as I would have loved another, we just didn't have the room and with fostering as well, I decided perhaps the time had come not to have any more hamsters.

Except someone has just posted some pictures of their hamster on a forum I frequent. And I'm starting to get hamster pangs again. Himself will have forty fits - we've no room for a hamster cage anywhere in our teeny-tiny cottage and the fact that they really come awake at night was always an annoyance for him.

But you know what? I might just find some room somewhere.


  1. They don't take up much space so my guess is you will find a spot for a cage sooner rather than later~ we'll watch this 'space' then!

  2. Yes, find some room. The dogs are wonderful, but variety is great. Since we retired is the first time we're down to one species, dogs. The reason is when we travel, dogs are easy to board, but what do you do with a bird, mice or hamsters?

  3. My hamster is brill. Loveit. I'm sure there'll be room somewhere in your house for another :) Mine's called Geoffrey, who was preceeded by Gordon (who was my first anniversary present from Rob). I felt like our house needed a pet that wasn't a fish and so Gordon arrived. Before that were Gonzo and Amber at my parent's house :) Guniea-pigs are good too tho!

  4. I used to have hamsters as a child. My dad suffers with astham triggered by pet haor amongst other things... so we were not allowed the dog we desperately wanted, so hamsters it was. They are such great characters, I'd spend hours watching them and playing with them.

    The first was called Percy, she (yes she!) was so gentle and loved to be handled. I suppose she was my first pet of my very own. After Percy (their little lives are just too short)came Fudge, then Basil Christopher Dennis (BCD for short) and then Fudge II.

    I have the odd hamster pang from time to time, but I'm not really in a position to have them any more. I do occasionally wonder if I could manage though...

    I'm sure you'll find a little space somewhere :-)

  5. Apologies for terrible spelling!! My Dad has asthma triggered by pet hair! LOL I'm sure there are others - it's been a long day.

    Oh... as a postscript; it turned out when I got my dogs that Dad was NOT affected by their hair at all!

  6. I want a hamster now :o) Those pics are delightful. Go for it :o)

  7. My husband brought home a gerbil one time and I like to of had a stroke! It didn't take long to warm up to him. I cried when he passed a way. I have been thinking of getting my middle son a hamster or 2 to take care of. They don't take up much room. So maybe we both need to get one. LOL!

  8. I love those names and they were all very cute. We have a gerbil called Flora and she's a complete sweetie too. I'd get one. :D

  9. how about a beanie baby -- I guess they won't communicate, but they don't deficate either. snort.
    (I take the easy way out)

  10. Hamsters are cool! I used to have one, but rats are much better and friendlier and more fun :}

  11. they are so cute...I have been thinking of getting one a teenager I had one named Teddy..


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