Saturday, 3 May 2008

Not a good start to the day

This morning started off pretty well. Up at 7am as I had to get Brodie to the vets for 9am. He's had a really dodgy stomach since he's been here and tests revealed nothing wrong, despite poos the consistency of ketchup (sorry, were you eating breakfast?). I made the appointment on Thursday evening and ever since...yep, solid as a rock. So the appointment was cancelled but, in the meantime, I'd got all the banking sorted out and by 9.45am I'd been to the bank, post office and picked up a few bits and pieces and was home. Greatness achieved!

Then the post arrived and, with it, a letter from my bank telling me I was overdrawn by £400. Considering I only got paid last week, that's pretty good going even for me. A quick check on my account showed five unauthorised transactions out of my account totalling some £770. Yes, I panicked.

Got through to my bank and the operator was fixated on selling me identity protection cover even before cancelling my card. YES! Get on with it already!! I finally get my card cancelled and a fraud investigation rolling.

Of course, it's a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK so sorting it out is going to take longer. The money will be refunded but in the meantime I will be charged £20 a day for being overdrawn. Yes, that will be refunded too but it all takes time. My new card will take at least five working days to arrive and so I have no card and no money.

Looking on the bright side, that's one way to save I guess.


  1. Hope they get you sorted soon. I have a real dread of this happening, but so far I've been lucky~ hope it's not a question of speaking too soon!

  2. Oh dear :( That's an interesting start to the day...

    I do like the way that banks write to you to tell you you're overdrawn, by which time you've been overdrawn for about 3 days and hence owe them even more (unless someone naughtie has stolen your details and is robbing you). Ho hum.

    Hope it all gets sorted out with an uncharacteristic amount of speed.

  3. A-A-R-R-G-G-H-H ! Hope the doggie's poop is more normal today and he's feeling better...(consistency of ketchup? I can't get that visual out of my head. Thanks.)
    The bank story is scary. I worry about that all the time. I guess it's probably just a matter of time until we all experience that nightmare. I saw a clip this week where "companies" sell our credit card info and SS#'s. Amazing!
    Have a better day...just go ahead and have a great weekend.

  4. Oh no! I hope the bank business gets sorted out super quickly. I have a friend who had her identity stolen and she had quite a time getting everything straightened out.

  5. Oh Angela, that terrible about the bank. Everyone's nightmare. If they're like the banks here, they'll get it straightened out. I'm assuming you have on-line banking, that helps, somewhat.

    At least it's good news about Brodie. They're like us humans, anything to get out of going to the bank.

  6. My husband discovered today that someone had drawn on his credit card. Not a lot as in your case, but £50 to top up a mobile phone and various other small amounts.It ran out very soon because he never uses a card online which has very much credit left on it, but we were incensed to have been stolen from. We know how you must feel and are very sorry.

  7. Oh that is so scary. (Of course in my case if they would steal my identity, they would get to take on all my debt!!!) But I hate the notion of someone getting hold of my credit care, other than my son who does a fine job of it on his own.
    I hope it's straightened out quickly.

  8. I have tagged you and given you an award at my place, if you are interested~ don't feel obliged!

  9. Oh no, what a nightmare! This seems to happening all the time to people I know.

    How to you clear up runny dog poo?...and doesn't it make you wretch??? :]

  10. This sounds like a horrible morning!


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