Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Dentists. Yack

There I was eating my dinner last night when "crunch".

Oh joy. That'll be part of my tooth then.

I was lucky (ha!) enough to get an appointment with my dentist this afternoon who, thankfully, told me she could repair the tooth and it didn't need extracting. I had two options. She could patch it up with an amalgam filling or she could remove all the filling that was there and replace it with a white composite filling. Given that I really don't want any more mercury in my mouth, I opted for the white filling. It was a bit more expensive but oh hey, it's only money.

This particular dentist is new to my surgery and I've not seen her before but she was absolutely lovely and despite my needle phobia, made the whole process painless and easy.

Except now the anaesthetic is wearing off and I feel like someone has punched me in the side of the face. And it hurts. Lots.

It might be soup for dinner.


  1. Soup or a milkshake, sounds good to me. I love soup year round. When I was a kid, whenever I'd go to the dentist, my Mom would buy me a milkshake, makes no since at all, all that sugar after a visit to the dentist.

  2. smoooooooooooooooooothies :)

  3. ouch! i hate trips to the dentist.
    glad this one is behind you, anyway.


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