Friday, 9 May 2008

Inane ramblings

There is nothing worse than tucking into your morning bowl of cereals to find the milk has gone off. Bleuch.

You will be pleased to hear that I did remember to go for my blood test this morning and that I have the date of my re-scheduled hospital appointment on 4th June left on big Post-Its all over the place. But please feel free to remind me.

My neck is much better this morning and, so far, no painkillers.

My stolen money has been refunded by the bank but no sign of my new Debit Card yet. Given that it took my last one about 3 weeks to get to me I could be in for a penny-pinching few weeks. Which is really annoying when I have money there to be spent and no means to get at it! I shall go and have a chat to the bank in the morning to see if I can at least get some cash out.

Has anyone else's Google Reader started acting funny? My view pane is showing all posts, even after I've read them, whereas they used to disappear once you'd clicked on them. Not particularly important but annoying nontheless.

End of inane ramble.


  1. One of the worst things is bad milk, in my opinion. I am real leary of milk.

    Hope you can get to your money and outta pain, soon. XO

  2. glad to hear the bank is taking care. Darn identity thieves or whatever.

    Can you not go to the bank and do a withdrawal in person??

    I guess I may not know what kind of an account it is - what the limitations are.

    Sour milk, huh? sorry that I laughed --

  3. I never realised that you had had cancer. PLEASE don't forget your check up. On the positive side, the fact that you forgot it means that it's not praying on your mind. Good on you!!! I have a trapped nerve in my neck too. Had it for AGES. Finally made myself an appointment with a chiroprator in June. Glad your neck is feeling better.

  4. We had a *huge* issue with our bank last summer that left Rob without a debit card for about 6 weeks. Turned out that they had tried to send out his card to the wrong address and then when we tried to change our address at the branch they had their heads stuck their bums and so resent the card to the wrong address. And then cancelled the cards and peed us around. Hope yours gets sorted out quicker than that! V annoying!

    Glad your neck is feeling better.

  5. What a mess with the card. Glad your neck is improved. I, too, did not know you had cancer, but I can TOTALLY relate to forgetting appointments.
    Do you have a massage therapist in your neck of the woods? I HIGHLY recommend one!

  6. No problems, yet with Google Reader. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. I'm sorry I've been neglecting you my friend!! I'm here to get caught up... so watch out for my comment blitz!

    Glad your neck is feeling better. A stiff neck knocks me on my a**, so I really sympathize.

    Sorry about the stolen money thing... hopefully in my read of your next few posts it will be all sorted out. Fingers crossed!


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