Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The weekend

This is the post that you should have got at the weekend but didn't because telling you all about Morph was far more important.

On Saturday night we were invited to our neighbours' (and friends) housewarming party. We were asked ages ago and then I completely forgot about it and double-booked myself to sepnd a night in a haunted Gaol in Derby to raise funds for Greyhound Gap. Having given it some thought, I decided to stick with going to the party as that was already in the diary and I have missed the last two parties that they have thrown. It would have been rude to have missed a third and, whilst I was disappointed not to go to Derby with the girls, it turned out to be the right decision because our neighbours had gone and gotten themselves married so it turned into a wedding party!

I'm going to digress a little here. I'm not sure if I've mentioned that we have four horses where I work. Big horses. They are all 17hh plus. Now and again I was allowed to ride out and I always rode a beautiful big grey called Showtime. Showtime was predictably unpredicatable. You just had to assume he would shy at everything. But he was so big and so broad that it felt like you were sitting in an armchair and, even if he did shy, you weren't going to go anywhere. But Showtime was retired just over two years ago and I haven't ridden since, mainly because the horses we have had have been lunatics. Big lunatics. And it's a long way to fall. and the older you get the less you bounce. And if our experienced riders regularly fell off, there was no way you were getting me on board.

But at the party, one of my colleagues, in his drunken state, said I should start riding again and he would be at my gate at 10am on Sunday morning with a horse. Yeah OK. I knew it would be forgotten by the next morning so didn't give it too much thought. But, true to his word, he showed up at my gate at 10am, with a horse. I had assumed we would go for a hack but no, this chap used to be a riding instructor. In the army. Actually, in the Householud know those troops that ride with the Queen on big parades? He trained them. And he was about to give me a lesson. Yikes!!

Well, it was huge fun. I was incredibly pleased that I a) managed to stay on and b) managed to show that I could actually ride.

Except now I am paying for it. A 40 minute intensive lesson is probably not the best way to get back in the saddle when you haven't ridden for over two years. Half an hour after I got back I lost control of my thighs. Monday was painful. Today, although I have regained control of my legs, my hips are protesting loudly and periodically sieze up.

It's no fun getting old you know.


  1. i love riding. it suits my head someohow. but the legs thing - mmmm....

  2. This reminded me of when I decided to go riding again after nearly 30yrs!! It was about 3 yrs ago and I loved it. I had no problem until it was time to dismount but after 2 hrs in the saddle my right hip had ceased up and my brother had to give me a helping hand. So after this happened a few times I decided enough was enough. I now have a lot of expensive kit in my wardrobe~ sigh!

  3. I haven't ridden a horse in years. They scarey and unpredictable and I know too many people who have been thrown off and or kicked... Puts me off :[]

  4. I used to ride when I was little and one holiday Rob decided that he'd had enough of me pestering and we'd go on a trek near where we were staying. Had a great ride and superb scenary but then Rob realised (when he got off the lovely horsie) that he has bits that don't appreciate being bounced around in a saddle for over an hour...

  5. Really glad to hear you had a good riding experience. I had a really lovely huge cob - a gentle giant - he guided me through 20 years of riding - he never let me fall off. I have never owned another horse because I have been left with very very happy memories of Simon and the good times we had together. Hope you gain courage and keep up with the riding.

  6. My I just say "Ouch!"

    You are very brave going riding at all, the day after a party! I don't know that I would have been up to it! LOL

  7. I was always afraid of horses ! Now it's a little better.
    Thank you so much for your birthday wishes, I just came back from Italy yesterday afternoon.

  8. how fun!!! I haven't ridden in years and I am sure my hips and legs would takes weeks to recover!

  9. I last rode properly when I was 17. I then went to uni, was left hemi-plegic in an RTA & thought I'd never be able to go back on a horse again. I bought Spangle, my Gypsy cob, so I could learn to drive & she also owned (as horses do) my waggon, which I got the year before I got her. I really, really wanted to get back on this stubborm, gentle horse, so 1 evening I borrowed a chair, put it by her & clambered up onto her broad back. Ride? No, but I sat there & let her wander around her field, whilst I sat in state with all my skirts spread out across her back & my legs. Getting off was easy & I'm so pleased that she allowed me to sit on her. I had no tack on her & preferred to sit saddleless, hand entwined in her mane. I love my gorgeous not-that-tall, very heavy Gypsy horse. (My rigs are still in England & I'd love to have them with me & build confidence driving her)


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