Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Morph Update

You all will remember that poor boy that came into Greyhound Gap's care last week?

If not, here's a reminder

And 11 days later? What a difference!

Lisa's report:

This boy is a doll and has continued to amaze us with recovery. The weight has flown on now and the sores are starting to heal. Although I kid you not, he has eaten a 15kg sack of fish4dogs since he landed a week ago on Sunday, and a pile of Nature Diet Puppy so I'm not surpised. He has his routine to a T now and when his 7 meals a day are due he walks a track from me to the kitchen gate and back until he is fed. He isn't far of ready now to drop down a meal or two so I think there may be anarchy.

Morph has also decided that being the entire male in the house he should be respected, he chunters and moans at the other dogs when they are playing and will bark and stand over them so is having to be supervised and told that, actually, it's not acceptable.

We head off on holiday on Saturday and Morph will be coming along so has his swimming trunks, shorts and beach shoes packed.

And are we Cheeky? Yes we are!


  1. What a remarkable recovery and blessings to you for your compassion. My sister has fostered rescued dogs (and ends up keeping them) and one thing is always obvious: these dogs know they were saved and are grateful.

  2. Absolutely amazing - and Morph obviously has regained his chutzpah!

  3. I cannot believe the difference in such a short time. He looks amazing now after all the loving care he's been given....and food of course. Those last two photos are lovely to see :)

  4. Morph says thank you all for your kind thoughts. He is doing us all proud and has such an amazing zest I would like to say to get better but at the moment its just to stuff his face full of whatever he can. At first it was hunger now its blackmail lol!
    He is a lovely natured dog and shows no signs of being worried by humans in the sameway that alot of seriously neglected dogs seem. It sounds funny to say I dont think he has been treated cruelly in the sense of beatings just ignored and starved.

    He has packed his shorts and suntan lotion and is heading to South Wales with us on Saturday for two weeks.

  5. He is looking wonderful. The whole story has taken me from tears to a warm heart. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Wow, what a difference, I can't wait to see him when he has his total health back!!

  7. What a difference! It makes me smile to see that second picture...and the ones at the end. I love a good dog story.

  8. Wow, look at the difference in his coat! Excellent to see :]

  9. AOJ he looks amazing. I am so glad. What a cheeky hound. :D


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