Saturday, 12 July 2008


....please pass me the Prozac. Actually, thinking about it, a pillow will probably do.

Today has been a day run at full speed. And you know when the adrenalin has been pumping? The low that follows is really low. I knew today would be busy at work - we have our Annual Open Day tomorrow and getting everything ready for 3,000 visitors has been manic. But to add to that we had an event on (not run by us I hasten to add but on our land) that was supposed to have been a "family picnic" for a cultural group. We expected somewhere in the region of a 1000 people max. Turned out we'd been well and truly hoodwinked because somewhere along the line the family picnic turned into a political rally with, the police estimate, somewhere in the region of 7-10,000 people. And it was loud. Very loud. My phone has not stopped ringing all day with complaints and I feel there might be sharp words spoken on Monday.

So now I am going to bed to prepare for the delights that tomorrow will bring. I warn you now that tomorrow's blog will make little sense. OK. Even less sense than usual then.


  1. Those cretins, yes, sharp words are in order. Good luck tomorrow.

  2. hi mate, this is the canadin pharmacy you asked me about: the link

  3. Nothing wrong with Prozac AND a pillow, in that order.

    What a day! Surely tomorrow will be calmer?


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