Thursday, 3 July 2008

The Diet.

The diet is not going well.

I have lost 6lbs, which is a third of what I want to lose, but I've been stuck here for weeks. So, a radical rethink is needed.

Particularly as I went shopping for some new underwear this evening. I have always moaned that the mirrors in changing rooms seem to make you look slimmer than you really are. Why can't they just show the real you?

Well, I'm rather hoping that the mirrors in Marks and Spencer make you look fatter than you really are because if someone has listened to me and those mirrors show me as I really am..... it's not a pretty sight.

Your sincerely
Fat and Depressed of Wimbledon.


  1. Sorry for the plateau; the only good thing about it is the longer it takes you to take it off, the better chance it stays off. I have to get back on the wagon myself very, very soon. Monday, maybe? Keep your chin up!

  2. I think losing 6lbs is still a very good achievement. As for M & S - I still miss St. Michael brand (showing my age)!!

  3. Oh stop whining! Drink lots of water, go for a walk! (And DON't look in the mirror) Someone once said to me....You are only as fat as you think you are! I started to say "I am skinny" and lo and behold I WAS! Albeit lately I have gained about 5 kilo's but thats my fault, I forgot my mantra!

  4. LOL at Karisma!! Just what I need....a "get with it" slap! Thank you!

  5. Those mirrors are one reason I rarely go shopping and almost NEVER try anything on. I don't know about where you are, but here in the US, the lighting is not at all flattering. Kind of looks like I'm dressing a bloated corpse.

    If you are continuing to do what lost you the 6 lbs in the first place, your plateau may just be your body adjusting to the smaller size, and then will continue on losing. Mine did that. I got stuck at 205 for weeks before I got unstuck. It's moving slower at this point (due to lack of exertion), but I did see 202 on the scale!

  6. I've seen you in your underwear before now and it looked good to me :0)


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