Saturday, 26 July 2008

Lazy Days

It's been one of those lovely, lazy summer days today.

The temperatures have soared so the Lurchers were walked early and all the shopping was done by mid-morning. A little housework, a doze on the sofa with my book and a mooch in the garden whilst the chickens were allowed out of their run to mooch around with me (The Lurchers and Brodie having been safely shut in the cool of the cottage).

Just a nice relaxing day.

Too good to be true? Well, yes actually. I was on duty last night so the office phones were through to me until 9am this morning. We started with a 7.30am call from a member of the public about a litter problem and Himself subsequently throwing a minor hissy fit because they rang so early. Hey, you know what? It's my job to take telephone calls at unsocial hours and why we get to live in the lovely place we live in. So deal with it already. This was followed by a hissy fit of my own because I couldn't find the brand new pair of trousers I'd bought last week. At which point I threw on any old clothes and took myself out for a couple of hours and did what I needed to do.

Then I had a lazy summer day.

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