Thursday, 17 July 2008

Get a grip, woman!

After the incident with Brodie and the chicken this week, I have been having minor palpitations about this forthcoming weekend.

It's my Step-father's 60th Birthday on Saturday so we are heading off to stay with the folks in Wales. Now, my mum has Millie the Whippet and Brodie is fine her, but Mum also has two cats. Plus there is going to be a party with about 40-50 people in and out over the course of the evening.

You can see it is a recipe for disaster can't you?

I had a chat with Lisa the other night and she suggested putting him into kennels for the weekend. She said "Angela, I really can't deal with having with having the death of one of your Mother's cats on my conscience!"

So I rang around a few kennels, no joy. At such short notice everyone was booked up. I was resigning myself to a weekend of having Brodie joined to either my or Himself's hip, muzzled and on lead the whole time.

Then someone suggested a reasonably local greyhound rescue kennels that often takes boarders as well. Yes! As he's a Gap dog, they'll take him for one night! That will make the whole weekend a lot easier.

And there in lies the rub.

Since Himself and I have had dogs, we have both been of the opinion that where we go, our dogs go. And if the dogs can't go? Neither do we. Neither of us could see the point in having a constant canine companion to share our lives just to put them in kennels when it suited. And the same goes for my foster dogs too. I know people do and I'm not criticising it at all, it just wasn't for us.

And here I am, doing exactly that with Brodie. Putting him in kennels just to make my life easier. Yes I know I'm being silly, and yes I know it's only for one night and he'll be absolutely fine.

I'm just having trouble dealing with the guilt OK!?


  1. Angela you should have asked me to look after Brodie overnight. You could have dropped him off on your way to Wales. I'm a good doggy sitter and I think he would find it hard to get a tortoise in his mouth! Don't be afraid to ask in future.

  2. Better he has to spend one night at a kennel rather you having to to say, "Oh, Mum, I'm so sorry about your cat."

    And besides, now you can relax and enjoy the celebration. You can load up your plate and your glass. That's so difficult to do with a large dog glued to your thigh.

  3. We always have incredible guilt when we go on vacation and have to board our schnauzer. It rarely happens, but we feel bad when it does. We do have fabulous friends who owns schnauzers who will watch him (and love him) while we're out of town for a long day or overnight. We feel blessed to have them, and Jack loves the special attention.

  4. For what it's worth, I think you're doing exactly the right thing.

  5. I must admit the thought of putting my dogs in a kennel is a bit scary for me too! Our 12 year old dog absolutely hated our 2 year old when we first got her, but they are now inseparable and they fret something terrible if one is taken anywhere without the other. Having said that when my husband and I went away one weekend our older dog refused to eat and actually sulked. My mum stayed with our kids human and animals and worried that she was sick. The minute I walked in the dog went into a frenzy licked me to death and then ate a huge bowl of food. Sometimes we need to leave our pets as its not always feasible to take them along. But I think where possible its best to leave them with a trusted family member or friend.

  6. You're doing the right thing. Your dedication to your lovely companions is clear so there's no sense getting nutty about it. Give yourself a break and leave any guilt at the kennel door.

  7. Thank you all for the support!

    Chris, it never in a million years occurred to me to even think of asking on here, I had no idea you dog-sat! I most certainly will bear it in mind next time, thank you!

  8. Lucky Rescue Dog returns to the lovely lady who rescued him. I arrive at her house and the four other dogs rescued at the same time come bounding out to meet their old pal. Rescue Dog runs off into the house but does turn back just to check that I will come back for him later.

  9. we've always said exactly the same thing - if people dont want our dogs they dont want us. but I think sometimes you have to make an exception - and it's only for one night isn't it? HOpe all goes well...

  10. Angela.

    GET A GRIP! SNORT. Sorry you just asked for it.

    As you know we are going away for 2 weeks tomorrow and between ourselves and our friends taking 10 dogs. As we have 14 between us that means 4 need to go back into kennels for 2 weeks, the 4 that make Brodie look like a playgroup assistant.

    That is unless...... now why didnt I think of that we go on Sunday afternoon and drop the 4 to you.

    I am now sitting here laughing because I can see your jaw dropping at the thought of Sam and Henry arriving to ruin your life.

    He will be fine, he is a big boy and spent his life in kennels bless him till he was lucky enough to come to Gap. I think its easier for the greyhounds heading back into kennels than any other breed.

  11. i think you are doing exactly the right thing. it would be awful if your mother's cat was hurt, and the boys will forgive you!

  12. *SMACK* Of course you are doing the RESPONSIBLE thing!!! (That said, I would also be having fits of apoplexy in your shoes, but it's so easy from here!)
    have a lovely time at your mom's and tell the cats how fortunate they are!

  13. give yourself some grace, lady.

    Sometimes we go places where our animals aren't welcome. (shopping, to the dentist, out to dinner, to relatives who have animals that don't mix with ours).
    We can't expect everyone to "love us, love our dog" So, you leave them at a place where they ARE a welcome guest, so you can be a welcome guest at where ever you are going.

  14. I usually go nowhere except shopping as I hate leaving my dogs, however I could hardly miss my daughter's wedding & so I had to make arrangements to leave the dogs for a week. Tara's previous people took her back temporarily & the others went to my wonderful Traveller friends who spoilt them so much that my darling Beddy returned to them the first night I was home rather than stay with me. I was quite hurt, but also happy that she had felt safe & loved in a strange situation. They have asked to have all the dogs when I go back over the water to collect my younger girl next month. That trip will be a 52 hour turn around ~ here to Wales to collect Annon, to Bristol to get bus back to here. I don't drive, so there is no question of the dogs coming on the journey with me ~ not allowed on Irish buses nor the ferry without a vehicle ~ nor my being able to take them to a kennel, which they'd hate.

    I think that your dogs will enjoy their time on holiday whilst you can enjoy yours ~ you know where & to whom they are going


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