Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Fun Monday Assignment for Monday 28th January!

Choosing an assignment for Fun Monday is incredibly difficult!

I'm relatively new to this, having only participated in five Fun Mondays, but my feeling is that Fun Monday satisfies the need in all of us to be incredibly nosy about other people without actually being rude about it! I once had a friend who constantly berated her mother for being nosy and staring out of the window and "spying" on her neighbours. She was unrepentant and said that she was not being nosy, she was just interested in people, and that line has stuck with me over the years!!

I came up wth some humdingers but I wanted to avoid anything that might dredge up unhappy memories for people or anything too serious that wasn't fun to write about. After all, it's not called Glum Monday is it! I also wanted it to be something that was easy to write about. I am incredibly lazy and if an assignment is going to require huge amounts of thought to put it into words, then I probably wouldn't even do it myself!

So if you haven't fallen asleep yet, here's your Fun Monday Assignment for Monday 28th January!

So continuing in the spirit of "being interested in people", I would like to know, or see, what's on, in or under your bedside table! So open those draws and bare your soul to us! Is there anything special there that has a story or a memory that you can tell us about? Books that you keep there to delve into from time to time? Trinkets that you don't know where else to put? Let's see!

Please post to this blog if you wish to participate and I will get a list up in my sidebar.

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