Thursday, 3 January 2008

Branching Out

Greyhound Gap, whilst focusing on rescuing greyhounds and lurchers, does occasionally take in other waifs and strays that find themselves needing a home for some reason. Usually because a pet owner has passed away and will have dogs other than sighthounds, or perhaps cats, budgies and apparently even a sheep. Or because some idiot *spits out that word* advertises hamsters on Freecycle.

Lisa and I both have a soft spot for hamsters. We've both kept them over the years and they don't deserve to be given away in Freecycle like an unwanted bit of furniture. So we are taking in a group of male dwarf hamsters and some of them will be coming to live with me!

It'll be nice having hammies around again, they offer hours of endless entertainment and for such little creatures, they have oodles of personality! Himself hasn't put up any argument, although I did tell him when he was half asleep *whistles nonchalantly*.

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