Friday, 25 January 2008

Eclectic Tastes

I have a rather eclectic taste in music.

A browse through my CD collection will reveal music from a diverse range of genres: from rock - Led Zeppellin and early ZZ Top; through to stuff that's a bit more pop - Elton John, Kylie (hey, everyone needs a diva in their music collection somewhere!).

What I play really depends on what mood I'm in. The CD on my player at the moment is a collection that I put together myself and starts with Kylie, has Amy Winehouse, Elvis, Eva Cassidy, Steelers Wheel, Bonnie Tyler (OK, two divas then!) and also includes the overture to Chicago, amongst other tracks. The CD player in my car currently holds a "Best of Doris Day" collection! Driving along singing to "The Deadwood Stage" is quite uplifting!

My collection also includes artists that are relatively obscure, at least, they are obscure in the UK music market. They include Walter Trout, Jeff Black and Fred Eaglesmith.

Much of my collection falls under the broad title of "Americana". Wikipedia defines it as " is a loose subset of American folk music that is perhaps best defined as "classic American music" — ranging in style from roots-based bluegrass to alternative country, gospel, blues and other native forms." In there you'll find Kate Campbell, Lucinda Williams, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Katie Curtis and Steve Earle amongst others.

Last Friday though, we had a classic scenario. We were off to stay with friends and in my car's CD player at that point was a Neil Diamond greatest hits. I love Neil Diamond and have done for years and years. In fact, I had that album on tape before CDs were even a twinkle in anyone's eye. Himself was not hugely impressed and in order to preserve his sanity I turned the CD off and put Radio 4 on instead. He wasn't too impressed with that either but it beat Neil Diamond!

We duly arrived at friends. Now the male half of this couple, M, and Himself turn into "boys" when they get together. They drink lots of beer, fart and belch and giggle helplessly at the stupidest jokes whilst G and I sit back and shake our heads in resigned despair. I can't remember how the conversation came about but I mentioned that I wanted to get Neil Diamond's The Jazz Singer on CD. Himself sniggered expecting M to snigger right along with him except M jumped up and said "I've got that album, it's fantastic!" and promptly put the CD on!

Himself's face was a picture!

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