Tuesday, 22 April 2008

So what do you do?

What do you do when you have a thousand and one things to do and have taken the week off work to do those thousand and one things?

You go shopping, that's what you do.

Yesterday afternoon I came down with the migraine from hell and, after spending 24 hours on nothing but ibuprofen and sleep, it was just about going. If you suffer from migraine or bad headaches, you'll know that feeling you get as it subsides....someone once described it to me as feeling like a piece of chewed string. I've not found a better description.

I knew this morning that I needed to get the banking ready for Greyhound Gap. That hour or so in front of the screen was about all I could manage or the migraine was going to come zooming right on back. So I headed off to the bank which just happens to be a few shops down the high street from Waterstones. And as I had come across some book tokens I had been hoarding whilst searching through my desk draws for an elusive piece of paper this morning, it seemed sensible to go and spend them. A couple of hours browsing the bookstore shelves seemed a perfect tonic. And so it proved.

PS - Anyone know who's hosting next week's Fun Monday? If we're stuck for a host, I will volunteer.


  1. Chewed string is right. I had a terrible migraine on Thursday night and through till Friday afternoon. I hate them so much.
    The books would sooth me too though.
    Ahhhhhh books. :D

  2. Angela, I have migraines and have found help with Frova. It's a RX. Migraine get's aborted in an hour or two.

    Looks like a very electic choice in reads. Have fun.

    No FM host posted yet. Maybe you can be host, contact them.

  3. I'll look into that Jan, thank you.

    Have a left a message on Southern Doll's blog.

  4. The only one I've read is The Lovely Bones; don't you just love a pile of new or new to you books stacked up? It's one of my favorite things; it feels so decadent! Enjoy

  5. I have a migraine starting right now. Yuck. Those books look great, I have read Lovely Bones and it is wonderful!!

  6. Wow, I have no clue who's hosting. Ms Cellania usually has it in her sidebar but that's not updated yet.

    Love your shopping trip, let me know how you like the SLR handbook! Cool!

    Glad your head feels better. :) I haven't had a migrane in ages, thankfully. :)

  7. I was thinking GEEZ you totally DO NOT go shopping....but then I scrolled down and saw the books. Yes I would go book shopping any day! Happy Reading! Hope you feel better!

  8. You are great to volunteer and you are now in my side bar I will also add a PS to my post today :)

  9. hope you feel better soon AOJ - nothing ilke a bit of literary therapy!

  10. I feel for you, I get migranes, too. Sadly the only things that I CAN eat are complete junk, which I hate.
    Looks like a great pile of books!


  11. Sorry to hear you were feeling so awful. I used to get migraines when I was in high school. Luckily I grew out of them or something. They're just awful.

    Hope the rest of your week off finds you migraine free!

  12. I love book stores. I could happily spend the day there. Good choices on the books!

    (Hope you're feeling better. Migraines are the worst. You can't function at all.)

  13. I had a migraine last week that lasted for a week (more or less--it was an ebb & flow thing; sometimes I'd be laid out in bed with it for several hours, then it would back off a little & I could get up & function, somewhat) I totally feel your pain.
    Chewed string is good, but I've alway felt that when I have one go away I feel like someone has scraped out the inside of my brain and it's sore and sort of achingly emtpy feeling.

    Also, want to sign up for Fun Monday next week! Pleeeeeze!!!!


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