Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Diet time has arrived

OK, a blog post about dieting with summer approaching is probably a bit cliche but needs must.

If I can tell the world how overweight I've become then there is every chance I will find the motivation to do something about it. Failing in front of the world is simply not acceptable. Well, OK, maybe not the world but failing in front of my blogging friends is not acceptable either.

The guys at work keep insisting that they like their women curvy. Firstly, I'm not one of "their women", although as there are 21 men and only two of us women, they do tend to be a bit protective of us and consider us "theirs". Which is nice in its own way I suppose! At least, it is when they're not taking the piss out of us. Which they do, quite regularly. But that's allowed. If anyone else tried to take the piss out of us they'd come down on them like a ton of bricks.

And despite them liking their women curvy, even though that's irrelevant, I'm only about 8lbs shy of the weight I was when I started work there 5 years ago. And, not that long ago, the guys told me that then I was definitely overweight. There is, it seems, a very fine line between curvy and overweight.

When I lost nearly 25lbs last year, it went from all over. But the weight I've put back on is all on my stomach, which is pretty easy to hide under loose-fitting fleeces and jumpers through winter. Not so easy to hide under skinny-fit t-shirts in summer.

I got on the scales this morning and topped 154lbs. I've put back on all the 25lbs I lost last year....and some. So diet it is.


  1. Good luck :) I am trying something similar in an attempt to get to a slightly more respectable weight. (And to lose some of the irritating spare tyre...)

  2. I'm with you Angela!!!
    I've put on at least a stone since last year (now 180lbs) and I want to be sub 170lbs ASAP :]

  3. Good luck! I hit my limit last year when I hit 164 1/2. I've been going very slow and steady, and with a few slides, but I'm now 1/2 lb from my goal!

    I wish you the best (losing weight is fun, but dieting is not!!!)

  4. I'm trying to lose right now too. However, if I weighed 154 lbs I'd be thrilled! I have a lot more to lose than you. Good luck on your quest....perhaps we can be bloggy support buddies.

  5. i have totally given up on dieting. each time i have done it i have lost a couple of stone but it always goes back on, and some more. the thing that keeps my weight down is being calm enough to know when i am comfort eating (or comfort drinking!) and slow up. mostly i am so manic i don't have the insight!

  6. Good luck...

    I have been losing weight so I'm trying to eat ALOT...I hope we can switch places! ;) I really need to gain weight!!!

    Btw, who is hosting next week's Fun Monday? Thanks!

  7. Why oh why does it go on so easily and come off so hard? WHHHYYYYYYYY!
    I had lost 35, and kept it off for 3 years (longest time for me) but I gained 10 back this winter. I'm trying to get rid of that now. 2 down, 8 to go. UGH.

  8. Angela, lots of luck. You can do it.

  9. You can do it! I want monthly updates to keep you in check. Any more than that would be too much pressure and just down right unhealthy. Slow and steady wins the race...

    Good luck.

  10. I need to get motivated. Some how some way! After I had all 3 I went back down to my normal size 110 lbs. In 2001 I had surgery (partial hysterectomy) I gain almost 70 lbs in 5 weeks eating nothing, but jello. I know it sounds impossible, but it happened. I thought once they got me straightened out I would loose weight easy because I had always been so skinny. I was wrong! I need to loose 50 -55 lbs just to weigh my idea weight for my short hieght. Shhhhhhhh! I weigh 175. & I'm 5 ft 2.

  11. Diet are no fun but I hear ya. :(

  12. I actually keep a separate diet blog because I know that unless you're in the midst yourself, reading someone obsessing over food and exercise is BORING! If you want to come visit and take a little peek, http://becauseimfat.blogspot.com.

    Oh, and I have a friend Nona in London who also has a fabulous blog - 55kgs. It's on my regular blog blogroll, right at the top!


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