Sunday, 20 April 2008

Hangovers from childhood

I don't mean alcohol hangovers of course, but those strange little habits we bring forward with us.

When I was a child, if anything troubled me or my young brain couldn't get its head around something, I would curl myself up into a ball and completely wrap myself up in whatever was close to hand, a blanket, a throw, anything. I remember on one occasion, I curled up in a ball on the lawn and wrapped myself in my father's coat (he was, and presumably still is, a big man). It was very important that not a smidge of me could be exposed...apart from the teeniest gap so I could breathe. Then I was in a safe place.

As I was trying to get back to sleep the other night that memory surfaced from nowhere amidst all the other dross that was vying for my attention and I took stock of how I was lying. I was curled in a ball with my duvet completely wrapped around me (we have separate duvets as I need winter weight and Himself doesn't), and I had a pillow over my head with just enough of a gap for fresh air to reach my nose. If I try to clear my head to I can get back to sleep I imagine that I am surrounded by solid stone, apart from in front of me where there is a fire,...something like a sleep-size niche in a wall perhaps. It's all about visualisation - the walls are to try and stop thoughts bombarding me from all directions and the fire is to protect and keep me warm. Then I'm safe and can get to sleep.

Something that probably started as a silly little game has become refined into a sleep aid over the years!

So what little habits do you have from childhood that you still have today?


  1. I suppose thinking that I am a totally worthless worm doesn't qualify as a habit? Constantly searching faces for a non-verbal clue that something bad is about to happen? (I think that's why I've always been able to "get" what animals are saying - lots of practice on the non-verbal front.)
    OK, this is YOUR blog, not mine! Enough from me.
    I like your visualization techniques to fall back asleep. Very clever!

  2. i twiddle my hair when I'm thinking!

  3. That is odd, but understandable - do whatever makes you feel comfortable!

    From a child I have always rolled bits of material or tissue between the first joint on my index finger(s) and the side of the joint on my thumb - I don't know why I do it, but it has to be a bit hard so it almost hurts and then I'm addicted to doing it.
    My 'comfort blanket', when I was a child, called "Nicey" was in pieces as I would do it all over that!
    My pockets are often full of destroyed tissues and any bits of cotton near a pocket on my jeans or coat, I do it to them too.
    I permenantly have callous on the side of my thumbs and both of my index finger's first joint (the one nearest the nail) not unsightly like, just slightly harder skin. What a weirdo eh :]

  4. I'm drawing a complete blank. Lame. Sorry.

  5. Mine is similar. I have to tuck my covers under my legs and my toes so that nothing can get in. And I also like having my ears covered. Weird.
    Glad you're feeling better.

  6. I have to have things propped all around me -- it must be a hangover from sharing a bed with my sis when I was small

  7. I rub my pinky and thumb together or rub my hair.
    Hope all is good you way!

  8. this day I can't fall asleep on my back with my palm open off the side of the bed because I'm afraid that the wicked witch (specifically, the one from the Snow White cartoon)will put a poisoned apple in my hand.

    Weird huh?


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