Wednesday, 9 April 2008

So here's the thing......

There are many things that I would like to get out of my system by blogging about them. But because many of them are work related or could, quite by chance, be read by people I would rather didn't read them, I don't write them.

That said, there are lots of lovely blogging people out there that do read and comment on my blog that I would be happy to share that stuff with and whose advice/thoughts I would often welcome.

So what's the answer? Do I set up a new totally anonymous blog that is accessible by anyone and hope these lovely people come across it or do I set up a new blog and just give access to a privileged few, with the fear of offending those that might want to read it but I don't want them have access for a particular reason, even though they are lovely people?

That's a dilemma isn't it? Anyone have any thoughts?


  1. That is the dilemma! And somehow some of those lovely people still find the new blog.

    I think you just have to be true to yourself and speak your mind. Those that are worthy will understand and stick around.

  2. Can't find an email so I'll post here. To answer your question, and my memory isn't so great, I think you can import your posts from blogger to wordpress. I think that is what I did.

    A quick way to find out is to set-up a dummy blog on WP and see if importing is an option. Then just delete the blog.

    Otherwise, you have to move them post by post. If I ever moved again, I would just leave the old blog open and leave them behind.


  3. You set up a private blog and then invite us your favourites to come and read it!

  4. I know quite a few people set up a private blog and just invite people to view which might be the way to go. You could still keep this one for random stuff that anyone can access.

  5. I made my blog private without setting up a new one. It was simple and has worked out really well.

  6. This is so difficult. I suppose it depends on if you want to meet new people, or you're happy with those you know and would like a more intimate arena.

    I don't think there's any clear answer.

    I had a girl I had gotten to know through her blog about a year a go. She made the decision to move blogs and she didn't in the end let me know her new details. I understand why, as I am friends with a man she had a relationship with and she wanted no contact with him, a complete break. I was sad, but I understood. I think people who care will understand, and those who choose bot to understand do not care.
    Does that make sense??

    Hood luck to you, but please, please don't just disappear. x

  7. I used to visit a local blog to me in Tinny, and she used to write about her evil relatives, until one of them found it. The blog was pulled and I spent weeks searching through some of her keywords until I found her again and she emailed me eventually. I shouldn't lose the recognition you have, unless you want to start again

  8. Thank you for your coments.

    I won't be disappearing and if I do set up a new blog this one will remain and still be my regular blogging space, I just need somewhere I can rant from time to time!

  9. Or do what I do... have a blog but dont tell anyone about it at all!

    No one knows what it is called, or that it exists (or well at least they didn't until now) - I can rant and rave and stamp my feet if I feel the urge, but so far it's just my random ramblings.

    Sometimes it feels a little sad not to have anyone read it and I wonder why I keep it, afterall what's the point - but it's there all the same.

    That said I do keep in the back of my mind that it could potentially be read at any time by any person. Like you there are things I really want to let rip about but still don't. I suppose I think anything published on the net could be seen, read, reported back, or whatever by any person so caution is always exercised. There is one thing that springs to mind now - but I keep that rant well away from the net!!

    I do worry that by 'hiding' and posting in this way on the few blogs I visit it's not good blogging etiquette and could be seen as a little rude... a sort of 'stealth blogger'. Not sure how to counteract that other than the blogs I post on (so far) are of blogs of people that I know from outside the blogworld.

    I hope you solve your dilemma - it's certainly a one to ponder.

    But... if you do decide to have a spin off blog with an invited audience, any uninvited regulars or potential visitors of this blog couldn't be offended as they wouldn't know the new one existed!


  10. I have considered the same thing. There are times when I right about my profession, but I feel the need to keep it very "sanitized." I don't think there is a right answer on this one -- if you want people you know to know about the blog, then, I believe most people do sanitize vs. start blogging with anonymity. But, when one blogs with loses something, no?

  11. I set up a private blog a while ago so I could just vent. It seems to help me if I can just write down whatever is making me friggin' crazy, whether anyone reads it or not.

  12. Hi Angela, My daughters and I have a private blog, just for us. It really does work out well. Give that a try, and invite those you are interested in their opinions, to be blog members. It's worth a try.

  13. set up a totally separate private blog... and don't announce it.


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