Monday, 21 April 2008

Fun Monday #18

This week's Fun Monday host is Tales of a Southern Doll. This is our assignment:

My girlfriends and I all have Bucket Lists. I've been working on mine for several years now. Several weeks ago, Tiggerlane asked us all what was on our Bucket Lists. And what do you know, we ALL have them. But what is the point of the list, if you don't actually work to check things off of it? So here's what I want to know:

What have you done in your life that was worth doing? I want to know the moments in your life that you hope will be the ones to pass through your mind when your time comes. I hope that doesn't sound too morbid. This doesn't necessarily have to be items you have checked off your Bucket List, it can be those small moments that made you smile, or the time you got that huge promotion you deserved, or the first time your baby smiled at you out of pure joy. I want to know all the moments, big and small, that make life sweet! If you don't already have a running list of these in your mind, you should! These moments help you remember how much your life is worth living, and we all deserve to enjoy it.

This is not an easy Fun Monday. A life lived full of mediocrity does not such a deep Fun Monday post make!

Obviously there are many things that I'm proud of or am pleased happened but I'm not sure any of them are momentous enough that I will remember them when I throw off the mortal coil.

Surviving cancer is always something to be thankful for. OK, it wasn't the most immediately life-threatening cancer and the treatment fairly straightforward but, regardless of the type of cancer, dealing with the emotional effects is still hard. I hit rock bottom and, although I had friends for support (I think my family went into denial), I knew I had to find my own way to kick myself off the bottom. I did and I'm proud of that.

The Lurchers, of course. They make me smile every day. As the first dogs who have been my own, their memories will stay with me the longest I think. The unconditional love they give will be uppermost.

The work I do for Greyhound Gap. In the grand scheme of things it's not much, especially when compared to what a lot of the other volunteers do. But I hope I can look back and say "I did my bit".

Having the close friends that I have. For them I will always be thankful. I can only hope I am as a good a friend to them as they are to me.

So, for some more inspiring posts, head over to Tales of a Southern Doll to see who else is participating this week.


  1. Cancer in any shape or form would be something to deal with no matter, and that yours was cured, be it small or not so small, in my an accomplishment.

    My F M is posted, I hope you can stop by and read my entry. Have a super-duper day.

  2. I didn't find this an easy one either.
    Fighting cancer must be so difficult when it you are feeling devastated. Your work for the Greyhound Gap is definitely very worthwhile, I really enjoy hearing about the dogs.

  3. You dont do much for Gap you are joking right? Angela I am eternally greatful for the amount of time effort and enthusiasm you put into the organisation as a whole. As Founder having a treasurer who I trust with *my life* is an amazing gift.

    Your also someone im proud to call a friend and one of the main people in my life I can trust to turn to for good grounded advice. You rationalise everything and although sometimes some things are hard to swallow always remain grounded.

    So shurrup cos your one in a million.

    Lisa x

  4. See what I mean about my lovely friends!?

  5. I bet those Greyhounds appreciate you and what you do more than you know.

    And you have lovely friends because you are a lovely friend in return.

  6. surviving any kind of cancer is are doing great work with the rescue...I would like to do that some day, but I am afraid every rescue that comes in my home would stay!!
    great post Anglea

  7. This was so lovely AOJ. And you survived cancer, wow, what an experience. I'm so glad you are here to write about it. Hug.

  8. Surviving cancer, any cancer, is amazing! I'm glad you made it through!

    I think making a difference in any small way is important in ways you'll never know about to those others. You may think what you have done was small, but to someone else it could have been huge. It sounds as if you've done many things that may have been huge to others.

  9. I'm glad you were able to pick your self up and dust yourself up and keep on trucking. Cancer of any kind is a tough one to face. It shows how strong of a person you really are even thou you may not of seen it that way at the time.
    I'm thinking of doing my Fun Monday in parts this week, since I wrote it the way I did.

  10. A life of mediocrity doesn't make a good Fun Monday post? You are so brutally honest! I think that you may be underestimating a bit. The love you show toward your canine friends proves that you are a compassionate and giving person. I bet you have had a positive effect on many lives!!

    I like this idea for a challenge. Fun Monday is a great way to get to know people!!

    Be blessed,


  11. Methinks it was challenging for many of us to take on a topic like the one for Fun Monday this week. I know it was for me ... and (as I so often do) I allowed it to 'take shape' as it came through my fingers all the while wondering whether mine would 'measure up' to what others shared. Aren't we human strangely foolish critters? LOL

    Thanks for visiting my offering today. I agree fully that 'friends' are essential ... especially when facing something like the big 'C' everyone fears in ANY form. Giving of your time and talents is no small thing ... ever!

    Methinks the biggest blessing of human life exists in our diversity ... realizing there's only ONE of each of us ... and we're here on earth to be the 'best ME possible' ... just as we are. We know it as kids ... too often lose it as we grow, but if we're lucky ... remember eventually.

    Hugs and blessings,

  12. Angela, Angela, Angela. A life of mediocrity? Surely you jest.

    This wasn't about accomplishments - it was about the things you will remember in your last hours and think to yourself, "I did shine, didn't I!" Your determination to beat cancer when all others were less than helpful - you shone. Your work with the Greyhound Gap is obviously a shining moment. Your willingness to share yourself with others - a beacon.

    How can you say "mediocre"? You are a very special person - and you need to let yourself see it. Obviously, others do.

  13. Mother T would say there are no small thing if they are done with great LOVE and your work is done with love. Your ability to pick yourself and get r done is a true accomplishment. Here's to YOU.

  14. I hope you get as much satisfaction as I do from rescuing dogs, aoj. The need is so great but it's more important to think about the ones you have helped save and not torment yourself that you can't do more. You're making your contribution for sure. Some day I'd like to follow in your footsteps and foster as well.

    Continued health and best wishes for a lasting recovery.

  15. doesn't sound like a life of mediocrity to me, my dear.


  16. I would be proud to do what you do with Greyhound Gap.

    Anything involved with "serving" always is an 'upper!'

  17. Oh Angela I'm still trying to get my mind around the surviving cancer thing. Glad we both made it through though. XO


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