Saturday, 12 April 2008

Oops (Warning, photography bore!)

I went in to Jessops, a photography retailer, yesterday to buy a circular polariser for my camera.

Seems I also managed to walk out with a Sigma 50mm DG Macro lens.

I really don't know how that happened.


  1. Not a bore! NOT!!! There's this whole infinite world right in front of us. Thank you for sharing some of its beauty.


  2. Wow, how ever it happened, we'll all reap the benefits. Great captures.

  3. Oh nice one! That really is the only way to shop! The "it leapt into my basket I had no choice" is hazard we all try really hard (lol) to avoid but we are powerless against such force.

    It's happened to me a few times recently with Cadbury Creme Eggs. Obviously no where near as much fun as a macro lens but the same principle!

    You will love your macro, a whole new world opens up. You'll take pictures of things you'd previously thought mundane and find that any old household object becomes a thing of beauty and intrigue.


    Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. What kind of camera are you using? I think it is VERY interesting - I am in the market for a macro lens.

  5. I do the same thing at the grocery store all the time. I go in for a carton of milk and come home with ten bags. (Although I don't think the ten bags hit my wallet as hard as a new lens would.)

    Now if only I could get the salami I didn't want to give me awesome macro photos like this...

  6. oh criminey!... I don't even want to know how that happened. I just want it to happen to me.

  7. Beckie, I use a Nikon D70 dSLR.

    I think I'm going to have some fun with this lens! I've been thinking about it for a while and it was just there!

  8. those are incredible - well done!

  9. Wow, awesome photos! I'm glad that poor, lonely little macro lens had to be adopted and come home with you. Those photos are beautiful.

  10. Oh how exciting!!!!!!!! :)

    So, did you get a polarizer too?

  11. Them flippin' lenses, they will just jump into your basket!

    Welcome to the world of the macro! :)


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