Sunday, 25 January 2009

Tuesday Challenge #2

Stu's second Tuesday challenge is "Water". We've had a fair bit of that around this week that's for sure. However, instead of the rain, I had another go at capturing water drops. I first did this a while ago but as Stu's challenge requires us to take new shots, I spent another evening being terribly amused by a dripping tap!

I'm a bit late getting this shot up but I've been sitting on four shots since Thursday because I couldn't decide which one to choose. But this is the one I've finally gone for


  1. That is absolutely stunning!

    I was contemplating doing one of those style shots. Now I won't bother :)

  2. Love it! The blue is very striking - what did you use?

    I love water drop pictures but can I do them? Can I heck..! All tips welcome :-D

  3. Thanks Stu! I must have tken 150 shots and got perhaps a dozen that were of any use, and just the four that I thought worthy enough.

    Ali, I laid a dark royal-blue teatowel over the draining board then sat a glass filled with water to the brim on it, then let the tap drip into that. Because I was using the flash my camera restricted me to 1/250 and I *think* I used somethng like f4 to get the background blurred.

    The rest, I'm afraid is just sheer luck! I watch it for a while and then focus on the spot where I think it's gong to drop. If you can get the tap dripping regularly you can usually figure out when to press the shutter!

  4. Angela, this is perfect. Wonderful job. You had the patience of Job.

  5. What a great shot, that is awesome!

  6. Wowser...that's absolutely brilliant! Way to go Angela, great shot!

  7. I must remember to check yours out in future! Fantastic! I nearly tried something similar but it's a good job I didn't - I only had a week!


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