Saturday, 3 January 2009

Shhhhh......they've all gone home!

My parents arrived on Wednesday, complete with their two Whippets. My brother and his girlfriend arrived on Thursday and apart from me, the Lurchers and The Greyhound (who were already here of course), I've also had The Neighbour's labrador staying.

That's a lot of people and a lot of dogs in one very small house.

But everyone was on best behaviour. At least, the dogs all were. Mothers, bless their hearts, only want to help and I did appreciate it, really I did, but I'm just not used to having that many people in my house and unfortunate timing meant my very irregular period chose to arrive and I was a little, erm....tense, shall we say. But once that passed it was fun and nice to have most of the family together.

But today it feels a bit like a whirlwind descended, did it's stuff, and then moved on. Now everyone has gone home and it's quiet. Bliss. I have my house back.

And just for Patience, a little mini Whippet Waggle


  1. I know exactly what you mean. We can't wait to see everyone but often we're just as happy to see them go, to reclaim our space. Enjoy!

  2. I do know what you mean about the whirlwind effect. The photos are lovely all snuggled up for warmth. Could I borrow one of them!

  3. I am glad that everyone behaved and also that you now have your home back to yourself!

  4. It really is hard to have all those cooks in the kitchen. I get flustered when I am trying to prepare a meal for several people and someone asking me every five minutes "What can I do to help?"... doesn't help.

    Happy New Year! I hope 2009 is a wonderful year for the humans and canines in your family :)

  5. The "Three Mad Women in the Kitchen" worked on Christesmas Day ~ 1 I could order around & the other had her own stuff to do. My eldest & her husband left yesterday, so now I'm left with crockery hidden everywhere & a mountain of washing up, but it was good to have them here & have extra puppy cuddlers. They fell in love with the pup I sold during their visit, but then cuddled the other 2 to make up for his loss. The best thing was that Chrissy didn't seem to have an allergic reaction to the pups or to the Wolfie (or the cat that climbed up him...)

  6. Ah! I'm so honored! Thank you for the beautiful whippet photos!
    Is there anything more wonderful than the quiet and peace after visitors leave? Really, is there? I'm picturing your dogs sleeping, snuggling into their covers with smiles on their faces.


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