Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Last week I was thinking about what to post today. With a birthday looming, I was feeling a bit introspective and wondering just how the hell I got to this age. Where has the last 44 years gone for heaven's sake?

And what had I achieved in those 44 years? At first, I thought "not a lot".

When I was an idealistic teenager I, probably like everyone else, wanted to leave my mark on the world. I wanted to be known for something, anything. I looked back and thought well, life's been pretty mediocre really. But today I, I know, that we are not all cut out to achieve greatness and to change the world. Most of us do live normal, ordinary lives and it's the greatness within our own little worlds that is important.

Today I can see that I have achieved my own greatness. I have a job that I love, a home that I love, a family that I love and love me, friends that I trust, can turn to and depend on and, most importantly, three hounds that I love more than life itself and who love me back unconditionally. Today I have stopped wondering when life is going to happen. Life is here right now and I am living it. Not necessarily to the full, but to do as little or as much with as I want.

Am I happy and content with my lot? You know what? I am.


  1. That's just marvellous!

    "Be Here, Now" as someone once said.


  2. Happy Birthday, Angela!!! You are exactly right and exactly where you should be if you are happy with your life. I know I am!

  3. Happy Birthday.
    You have made me think I should take a leaf out of your book and appreciate what I have-Great post have a lovely day.

  4. Happy Extra Happy Birthday to you!

  5. happy happy birthday, hon. you have found something that many of us seek: contentment.


  6. Fantastic! Sounds to me like you've given yourself a pretty good birthday present!

    Have a good one!


  7. I join the chorus, Happy Birthday, to you.

  8. happy Birthday, I will put your name down as the host next week. thanks for volunteering

  9. Happy Birthday & good for you for your positive outlook!

  10. another round of happy from me, too!

  11. I already caught you with a Happy Birthday else where, but I'm catching up on blogs so thought what the heck...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! There I go yelling again :o)

  12. Brilliant, that's a good place to be. Happy Birthday lovely. :D

  13. Happy Birthday to Youoooooooooooooo!!! (the whippets helped!)
    And congrats on your wonderful attitude! I wish it were contagious and I could catch it..

  14. Good post. Happy Birthday.

    But I think you should have mentioned the hens. They're feeling left out.

  15. Happy Belated Birthday...

    You've done some valuable work with the lurchers, that's worth a LOT!
    Wendy (gcgal)


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