Monday, 12 January 2009

Fun Monday - Sneaking in under the radar

OK, so I've left this a little late, but it is still Monday. Just.

Our host for this week is my lovely blogging buddy Jan over at The Prytz Family and this is our assignment

What is the quirkiest thing in your home that you will never give away?

Before we moved into this cottage, the ex-Himself and I had lots of quirky things. Many of them had to go as there simply wasn't the room. Many of the quirky things that did come, went when he left. But I do have one quirky thing left. A clock.

This was my Mum's clock and she gave it to me about 12 years ago because she had nowhere to put it when she moved and my step-father wasn't too enamoured of the chimes. Oh chimes. A real ding dong chime. And it's loud. I grew up with this clock and fell asleep to it's rhythmic tick tocking, because it really tick tocks as well.

My Mum scrimped and saved to buy this clock. Mum was a single parent and there wasn't much money spare for non-essentials but a jewellery and clock shop in the town where we lived let you pay an amount every week and then when you'd paid the full amount, whatever you were saving for was yours. And Mum did just that. And because of that, it holds a special place in my heart. It's not an antique, it's just a reproduction, but it is probably about 20 odd years old now.

So what's quirky about a clock?

You see that it says 8 o'clock? Well, it's said 8 o'clock for as long as I can remember! When I lived in the flat, ex-Himself wasn't too keen on the chimes either. So it stopped at 8' o'clock one day and there it stayed. You can wind it up so that the chimes don't sound but I never figured out how to do it. So it came to the cottage, was hung on the wall and still says 8 o'clock! I would love to get it going again but the problem I have here is that it hangs right next to the wall that divides this room from my neighbours bedroom and the walls are not that thick. I can't see the neighbours being very keen on the chimes at 2am somehow. And there's nowhere else to hang it.

At least it tells the right time twice a day!


  1. Hi Angela,
    I have missed you on Plurk, and I do not blog often. I have a clock that looks similar in fact it was pictured in my post on December 27. My clock was made by an ex-student. My clock works with batteries and does not chime.

  2. Angela, I love your clock and it's quirkiness. For now, it's good to leave it at 8:00; you can always get it going later.

  3. Oh that is quirky! To bad it isn't stuck on 5 o'clock. Then it could be like that song, it's five o'clock somewhere. :)

  4. I like your quirky clock! It is definitely a keepsake. I always loved my grandmother's - grandmother clock! She has passed away, but the clock is still in the family.

  5. My dad has clocks. When I was growing up, one whole wall in our livingroom was covered with them. Every week, he would set and wind each one.

    It's kind of like living next to a train track... after a while you don't notice anymore, and since I shared my bedroom wall with the livingroom clock wall, I never heard the clocks.

    One night, we had overnight guests who slept on the fold-out sofa (under the clocks). My parents stayed up with them until about 11:30 drinking wine and visiting before going off to bed. Things got quiet - until midnight, when all the clocks went off and our guests, startled out of a the beginnings of a sound sleep awoke screaming.

    Maybe after a few nights of screaming, you neighbors will get used to it?

  6. Oh that clock is wonderful. My grandmother had a cuckoo clock with a real CUCKOO and a bird that came out on the hour. It was the BANE of our childhood sleepovers at grandmothers ... you get awoken every hour if you are not used to it!

  7. With all our modern electronic buzzings and whirrings and background noise, isn't it nice to be in a place that's quiet enough so you can hear the clock ticking? And I can see why you value it. Your mother taught you an excellent lesson in delayed gratification. Earn the money and pay cash for something and it's all the more precious. A lesson for all of us in this shaky economy.

  8. I was a bit like you and was very late posting my FM.

    I can see why your clock is very special and stopping on 8 o'clock is very quirky.

  9. I wouldn't get rid of it either, stopped at 8 oclock or no.

    Fun Monday - I haven't done this in MONTHS. I always enjoyed it when I did it.

    Have a great week.

  10. we have a clock that needs to be wound to run, and we rarely run it.

    It reads 8:30 and has for months.
    So I'll just be 1/2 hour later than you.


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