Thursday, 22 January 2009

A birthday treat

This morning my friend and I took ourselves off for my birthday treat - a De-Stress Full Body Massage at a local salon, the Ark Spa. I've never had a proper massage before so this was one to knock off the bucket-list.

But last night something occurred to me.

Having a massage means getting butt-naked. Don't ask why that only just occurred to me.

Now don't get me wrong, personal hygiene is way up there as a number one priority in my life but, people, it's winter. The time of heavy jeans, boots, lots of layers, thick jumpers...... and infrequent depilation. Yep, the legs, the armpits and the bikini line were in need of some desperate attention if I was going to save any face.

And, AND...underwear!!? How could I go to a spa that no less an august newspaper as the Sunday Times describes as being frequented by the "Well-heeled Wimbledonites and the racket weary top-seeded tennis players and their beautiful other halves during Wimbledon Fortnight" with grey knickers and a well-worn, if comfortable, bra? Well I couldn't could I? Cue a rapid emptying of the underwear draw to find bra and knickers that were at least the same colour.

And what was really funny was that as we were driving there, my friend confided that she had gone through exactly the same routine that morning!

But despite this being a top-end salon, the staff were not in the least bit snooty, made us incredibly welcome and were very friendly and relaxed. The massage was amazing and I'm going back in 10 days time for a facial. I could get used to this sort of life.


  1. I laughed so much when I read this because I've been there and done that (metaphorically speaking).
    But it's worth it as I think a good massage is so relaxing.

  2. I would have the same thoughts. I did try a chair massage (fully clothed) last week and it was wonderful! In spite of never having been keen on strangers putting their hands on me.

    IT sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Tell us about the facial afterwards. I've never had one but have been thinking about it. I just don't know exactly what "having a facial" means.

  3. You guys. You're naked, your underwear is the locker, know one even knows if you wore any, or are going all commando. Silly.

  4. Well, Jan is right, but I've done the exact same thing as you. Luckily, once the massage actually starts you forget all about your knickers. And the world, for that matter.

    Sounds like you're still having a wonderful birthday. Yay!

  5. Well, yes. NOW I realise now that it doesn't matter! I also realised there's no point in washing your hair before you go either! You might look chic when you go in but you most certainly don't when you leave!

  6. I love pedicures and foot reflexology. I feel like I've had a massage when I get that -- should I worry what color my socks are. ha ha

  7. hahaha I do the same thing, at least find matching knickers and bra, though I have a great masseuse who is thoughtful and helps keep me covered up as I'm getting on the table and off.

    Wendy (gcgal)

  8. Nothing like a good massage - glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Great blog, I clicked over from your comments on Planet of Janet. If you ever want to run a fun contest of your own email me anytime at


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