Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tuesday Challenge #1

A couple of years ago, one of my blog pals, Stu, started a Tuesday Photography Challenge. Every Tuesday he would set a challenge to stretch the boundaries of a few novice blogging photographers and jolly good fun it was too.

Stu has now resurrected this and is pushing our boundaries out even further this time.

Yes, I realise tha today is Thursday and not Tuesday, but Stu gave us all week to come up with an image of "People at Work", to be interpreted as we see fit. This is my interpretation....

Farrier at Work

Clicky to make biggy!


  1. delicate strength... power with precision. Wonderful!

  2. What a beautiful photograph! Excellent job!

  3. what an incredible shot - brilliant!

  4. an equine pedicure of sorts. Very nice, indeed!

  5. I've always thought a farrier's work would be satisfying. It must be a good feeling to file down an overgrown hoof.


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