Thursday, 18 September 2008


...I have achieved greatness.

I have emptied cupboards and boxes and cleared out the stuff I don't use. I have moved things around into the empty spaces left by Himself's departure. I have vaccuumed everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

There are still gaping holes in the bookshelves, but I have no concerns over filling those.

I have taken down the old thingy-whatsit that hung on the wall in the shower (what are those things called!?) and borrowed some silicon and a silicon gun to fill in the holes. Himself never liked the wood that I chose as a splashback in the kitchen and took great delight in pointing out to me that water was starting to get in to it behind the kitchen sink. You know what? I siliconed that too. If he had done in the first place the water would never have got in......although maybe he did and did such a neat job (which is likely) that I just can't see it. It's not pretty but it doesn't look so bad either.

It's a small step in proving to myself that I can manage on my own, but a step forward nonetheless.


  1. Of course you can manage on your own!

  2. Absolutely a step forward!

  3. After s went, I moved all his stuff out to the garage & filled it ~ virtually single-handed ~ so all his furniture & stuff went out, then I moved nearly every bit of remaining furniture around in the house! It meant so much once I'd done that. Good for you, taking that step forward & proving that you can do things yourself

  4. Bravo and KUDOS to YOU!!! It took me WEEKS to even THINK about doing things like this after my ‘ex’ left … but I wish I’d done it sooner … seriously!
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Not only can you, but you will and you will do it well. :)

  6. I'm impressed, I think this on your own bit suits you well ;)

    You're doing great so far!

  7. You could even handle a spider, if necessary, which is something I really need a man for, and so it's onwards and upwards for you. I admire you...............

  8. I'm only just now catching up with you - and wow! Things are certainly moving right along, aren't they? I'm sorry to hear of your breakup, but you sound like you're dealing with things well. I hope that continues. Hugs, A!

  9. Ah. You may find that the use of silicon and a silicon gun is rather addictive.

    There is something very satisfying about running your finger (which incidently should be protected by glove thingumys but hey, who's watching!) along that bead of silicon to smooth it out... You will start to look at worksurfaces and shower edgings in a new way, just itching to squeeze that gun. Or maybe I am just plain weird??

    I know... that goes without saying *LOL*

    Just delighted to hear that you are making steps, regardless of how small or big, in the right direction. Good on you, it's rather liberating isn't it? :-)

    Much love

  10. Now the plurk makes much more sense (yes I'm late catching up)!

  11. Yea Angela...doesn't self sufficiency feel great!!!


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