Friday, 5 September 2008

Oh, it'll be raining then

Just to dampen my mood even further, today it is absolutely chucking it down with rain. It's so miserable and damp here tonight that we've actually lit the woodburner. In September, It's ridiculous.

However, my mood has been lifted somewhat by two things:

1. I have had a bad neck since I woke up on Monday morning. I wake up feeling like it's been crushed in a vice and the pain spreads down my back and into my head, giving me a full blown migraine on Monday afternoon. The worst of the pain went but it has been lurking and threatening to come back all week. So I booked an appointment with my Bowen practitioner for this morning. If you've not come across Bowen, and you suffer from any form of back/neck/other body part pain, then I can fully recommend it. Having had a bad back for over 20 years, it's the only thing that gives me any relief. My neck is now back to normal and I feel so much better!

2. Millie the Whippet has come to stay for two weeks whilst my parents swan off on a Mediterranean cruise! Piccies tomorrow of the little Princess!


  1. We are glad that you have gotten some back relief. The wet weather can't help.

  2. We're getting rain here too and the temp is down to 5 C tonight. Brrr! Glad you're feeling better and have relief. I know people with bad backs and they suffer terribly. I might just have to write that site down :o)

  3. I haven't heard of Bowen before. I need to check it out and see if it is something Scotty will do. He has had neck pain for a long time now.

  4. That's interesting re Bowen. I had not heard of it before. I see a chiropractor once a fortnight for my back but sometimes it feels a bit fierce what he does - all that clunking. It does help and my back is much better but I dunno, it never actually goes away. Perhaps I should give Bowen a try and just see?

    I lit the woodburner too - it's wonderfully cosy but I agree it isn't really what you expect in early September.

    Hope your world isn't really imploding.

  5. Because I live in a hot swampy climate where we still are having 90+ degree days I am a little jealous of your cozy woodburner days.

    I would probably be jealous of hot days if I switched with you. My husband says I am never satisfied with what I have...

  6. Before my back got to the stage it's at I used to see a Bowen practitioner and it really helped.


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