Sunday, 28 September 2008

Stuck record

I'm really sorry to keep going on about life post-Himself, you must all be bored to tears by now. It's just that adapting to the single-having-to-do-everything-myself way of life is such a major part of who I am right now that blogging about it seems to be the obvious thing to do. But do feel free to zone out for a while!

In the past, Himself always did the "man" things. It wasn't that I couldn't do them, hell I lived on my own before I met him, but if I tried to do things around the house he would be hovering over my shoulder telling me how I should be doing it and pointing out what I was doing wrong. There's no denying he could turn his hand to most things and do them well, it was how he earned his living after all. I could do these things, but in my own way - and the end result probably wasn't very pretty - but in the end it was just easier to let him get on with it.

So following my success with mowing the lawn yesterday, today I have fixed bolts to the back door, stuck sticky draft excluder stuff (that's a technical term, you know, "stuff") and very nearly bought a drill to fit a lock to the other door. Except I had no idea how expensive drills are. I will think on that one for a while and see if I can get away with borrowing one from work when I need to use one.

On top of that I have dug out all the old tomato and courgette plants, swept the yard, made soup and got a chicken roasting in the oven.

Some days you just rock!


  1. You DO rock, no doubt about it.

  2. Clearly you rock. Don't buy a drill, find people to lend them to you when you need them. Or just pinch them from the nosey neighbour (who, incidentally, you should definitely report to the nosey-bastards-who-deserve-a-smacking squad [or similar]) who probably has lots. Then you could drill holes and then screw his child and her friend to the fence.

  3. Rock on, girlie-girl!

    My favorite gifts? Power tools or a good set of hand tools. Last year my dad gave me a reciprocating saw for my birthday. I haven't used it yet, but when I need one, I have one!!! I also have several drills and a couple of sanders. My husband is not allowed to touch my tools.

    Yes, I'm weird that way. Don't give me jewelry, but a sturdy screwdriver set or some rachets will please me no end!

  4. Yay! You are doing great! Now my other half still can't do a lot of stuff around here, we often have to call for reinforcements! LOL! Perhaps I will have to call you next time!

    Seriously, I nearly lost the puppy in the backyard this morning! The grass has grown so tall, I could not see her!

  5. This is getting a bit repetitive but it's worth repeating... you DO rock!

    And, erm, what in the world is a courgette? I'm pretty sure I call it something different...

  6. You do rock! And i am sure HIMSELF couldn't multi-task like that, could he?

  7. Well done you.

    Even 7 years down the road I feel pleased with myself when I've achieved something that s might have done in the past.

    I lost 3 toddlers in the grass once after s left as I can't use a petrol mower & that's all we had when he was around! Now I use a different sort of horsepower for mowing!

  8. Exactly! I used to say quite sarcastically that the only time I needed a man around the house permanently was when it was time to put the Christmas tree in the stand and keep it standing! Of course, that was half tongue in cheek.

    I actually bought a drill recently that was described as the "training bra" version for novice DIYers. . .lol.

  9. I hate it when the significant other hovers over me, telling me how to do things better. In a way, I am envious of you!

    You DO rock - and you can do anything you set your mind to! This will be a rediscovery of self!

  10. Guy stuff is really not as complicated as they like to make out - and if you can't borrow a drill, then there are tool hire places that will hire you one for the weekend for not much. (Or ask for B&Q vouchers for Xmas!) Congratulations on a day well spent!

  11. You're doing great and no....this isn't boring hearing about, it's inspiring :D


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