Thursday, 25 September 2008

a few updates

Thank you for all your good thoughts for Lisa. She came home from hospital yesterday but has a long period of recuperation. And typically Lisa, she's been overdoing it already! Lisa.....REST THAT DAMN HAND!!

I have hopefully put a stop to the gossip at work. There's nothing like joining in the gossip-mongering about yourself and having a laugh about it to stop it being fun for everyone else. Once the gossipers realise the gossipped-about knows, it really isn't gossip any more (does anything about that sentence make sense or good English!!?).

I've been on a First Aid course all week. I really do think it could have been so interesting but our instructor is well into his seventies and, although he's a nice chap, he really does have a teaching style all his own. And it's not making sense to any of us. I have my assessment tomorrow and I am very concerned I will fail.


  1. Hi AOJ--Ive been away from blogland for a couple of weeks and am just now trying to get around to reading back posts. Glad things are getting back on an even keel for you. And you're right--the best way to deal with office gossipers is to let them know straight on that you have their number. And yes, men can gossip with the best women although they deny having the gossip gene.

  2. Brilliant method to stopping the gossip - join in!

  3. Great way to handle the gossip in my mind, I've done that before and as you say, it's no fun for them if you join in!


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