Friday, 19 September 2008

That's Karma for you

I was so busy reading JoyT's post (and not laughing, no sir that was not me laughing, well, OK, maybe I was laughing a little) that the crackling noise in the background escaped me for a while.

It did its best to penetrate my hysterical laughter (OK, maybe I laughed a lot) and something eventually got through. Nothing to worry about I thought, it's probably just the logs on the woodburner. Except logs on the fire usually spit and don't sound like popcorn popping.

Oh fuck!!

That'll be the rice in the saucepan burning then.

Dinner and one saucepan irretrievably burnt.

Ho hum. That's karma for you.


  1. And if I'm laughing at, er, with your burned rice? I'm afraid. I'm very afraid.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who lets pans boil dry when I'm blogging. So far I've managed to get them clean but I know it will be a throw away job one day LOL

  3. I'm lucky ~ in both this house & my previous 1, cooking smells could be smelt upstairs where I have my computer, but NOT downstairs in the kitchen! I get to smell problems, but if this house is ever finished & I can get the garage turned into my studio, then I'll have a huge problem as the computer will go out there with the spinning wheel, loom, paints, waxes, & definitely a radio...

  4. Burning rice....ugh....loud music....ouch. Will the hazards of blogging never cease!! :o)


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