Wednesday, 7 November 2007

I have a visitor.

Scarlett Bear has come to stay!

Scarlett is Greyhound Gap's fundraising bear and she recently started a tour staying with Gap supporters all around the country. Everyone who has Scarlett to stay pays £5 for the pleasure of her company and takes her on little adventures which are then chronicled in her blog.

Scarlett is even starting to globetrot as she has just arrived back in the UK hotfoot from Florida.

Scarlett's travels is the brainchild of 6 year old Lucy, one of our youngest supporters, who wanted to do something in memory of one of her mum's best friends, Elaine, who recently passed away very suddenly with cancer. Elaine was also a staunch supporter of Greyhound Gap. The full story is here.

Scarlett has a busy week ahead of her, although I'm not sure Wimbledon can live up to the excitements of Disneyworld, we may just have some local celebrities who might be persuaded show their normally secretive faces.

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