Monday, 26 November 2007


When a person with dogs says "ewwww", you know it's trouble. And smelly trouble at that.

See, dog people have to do some pretty yucky things: picking up dog poop, mopping up wee and cleaning up various forms of dog-sick - we've ranged from fresh mackerel vomited all over the bed to regurgitated skanky rabbit. We have to deal with expressed anal glands and fox poop that's been rolled in. Oh, you might not want to have read that bit if you're eating or of a delicate nature. o;

Most of those things would send your average non-animal person running for the hills. With the exception of people who've had babies perhaps, I guess not much turns you when you've had children either.

But tonight was a real ewwww. Lurcher no.2 rolled in something very very rank, and I don't think it came from an animal.

That was almost an ewwww too far.

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