Friday, 9 November 2007

Four years ago today

Just over four years ago I saw this picture of Tyler (Lurcher No.2) on Greyhound Gap’s website:

My heart broke in pieces there and then and I knew, just knew, that he was destined to come and live with us. He had been taken on by Gap with his littermate, Louis. They had been bred by someone who thought it would be a money-spinning exercise to breed some lurcher puppies. After all, everyone wants lurcher puppies don't they?

Tyler had initially been sold to a home. At 6 weeks of age. Louis was the only pup left and was kept in a shed and called "Reject" because he was the runt of a litter. He didn't see daylight until he came into Gap's care.

Then Tyler was returned to the breeder as his owners could not cope with him soiling in the house whilst they were out at work. He was left for 9 hours a day. W
hat the heck did they expect?? So he very quickly followed Louis into Gap's care.

During the next two weeks, I used every wile I could find in me to persuade Himself that Tyler should come and live with us. To this day I'm not sure what eventually persuaded him, but it may have had something to do with this:

This was Georgie (Lurcher No.1) on the day we brought her home in 2000. They were so alike it was uncanny.

So four years ago today I drove up to Stoke on Trent to fetch Tyler home. My heart was finally back in one piece.

I can't say Georgie took to him straight away. In fact, on the way home she tried to clamber onto the parcel shelf in the back of the car to get away from him! To this day she will not tolerate him sitting anywhere near her - she has real space issues! But the way they greet each other when they've been apart is enough to convince me she that, deep down, she loves him!

Day 2

I just love this picture!

And now he's all grown up!

Tyler, my heart dog. Georgie, my soul dog. I am complete. I love them both to bits and simply can't imagine life without them.

Although I'm sure there's room for another one somewhere!

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