Sunday, 4 November 2007

Deck the Halls....what? Already?

I find my thoughts turning towards Christmas. This is not like me. I fall firmly and squarely into the "Christmas starts on Christmas Eve and not a moment before" camp.

But this year we are spending Christmas at home. For the first time. Ever. There are two reasons for this: firstly, it's our first Christmas living at the Cottage and I want to spend Christmas there. Secondly, I'm on duty so whether I wanted to or not, I have to be there, spending the day with my radio and telephone glued to my hip in case some wayward member of the public gets themselves into trouble. So I am doing my usual thing of trying to get ahead and get things planned. Of course, what will happen is that I will suddenly find it's the weekend before Christmas and I've done nothing other than think about the things I should have been doing.

I am therefore writing all my disjointed Christmas thoughts down here and then I can check back and try to keep my head in one piece. And you can all regale me with your Christmas successes and debacles for me to chortle over, knowing that my Christmas is going to go smoothly and without panic. Hah!

1. Christmas tree. We ARE having a Christmas tree, despite Himself's aversion to them. It will have to be a small one, no room for a big one. It will be a live tree and we shall decorate it with natural decorations. Like pine cones. Oh. Pine cones have been and gone. Revert to plan 2. Oh. There isn't one. Lots of holly and ivy decking the halls, well, hall anyway. Actually maybe not, the hall is so narrow we'd be poking our eyes out on holly leaves every time we tried to venture out of the sitting room. Draped on the fireplace then. Oh yes...we can do that!

2. Who's coming for dinner!? The Parents were coming but Mother now has to work Christmas morning so they are coming Boxing Day instead. Himself is one of eight and you can't ask one without asking them all. 27 people in the Cottage is not an option, unless a few people don't mind eating off their knees on sofas and beds. And they'd have to go home and Himself's family don't like going home. Once they're entrenched they are there for the duration. Keep working on that one then.

3. What to eat? Turkey and trimmings. No discussion about that. It's what we're having, like it or not. Pudding is a different matter. Himself is not that keen on Christmas pudding whereas I love it. Any suggestions for an alternative would be gratefully received.

4. Presents. OK time to go into meltdown. I hate shopping with a passion. And I particularly hate Christmas shopping. Last year was a complete and utter disaster and one I do not wish to repeat. Online shopping is the answer - as long as I get everyone's Christmas lists in time.

What have I forgotten?

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