Wednesday, 11 March 2009

WHY do I do it?

It's official. I do not have a life.

I cried over a Star Trek DS9 episode for heaven's sake.

I so need to get out more.

So why why why why why have I signed up to Twitter?

Are blogging, Facebook, Plurk, Skype and sundry message boards not enough to keep me in touch with people already?

How many ways do I need to tell the whole world that I do not have a life!?

And if anyone can answer that question.....then they need to get a life too!


  1. Maybe you should do a VLog on YouTube about your problem?

  2. I signed upto Twitter a while back, I created the account and did no more. Not sure where to start really, but then I'm still fumbling my way around blogging!

  3. I really don't like twitter or facebook BUT I do like others. I think having our friends online is a great way to meet those from places we'd never likely meet, and it can really open up our worlds BUT a little social human interaction in the outside world is important too.

    Is there a group you could join with similar interests, or step out of your comfort zone and go learn something new?


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