Sunday, 15 March 2009

Tuesday Challenge #9 - Vertigo

Stu's Tuesday Challenge this week is Vertigo:

In this week’s challenge, your camera must be at least 30 feet (10 metres) above the subject of your photo. You could try a hill or tall building, a kite, or if you’re good at throwing things very high and catching them again, maybe a Camera Toss (note - I will not be held responsible for broken cameras!)

I had a cunning plan for this but then it was explained to me there was a certain amount of perilous climbing involved in getting high enough up my local windmill. So I scratched that idea. My offering this week is a little more urban than I would usually shoot, and urban is not one of my strong points but I'm relatively pleased with it. It possibly doesn't look like I'm 30 feet up above them but I definitely was!


  1. I love this photo, it is very urban and a bit industrious, it just captures the subject very well in my opinion :-)

  2. perfect photo i think for your challenge!!

  3. This would have been a fun one to do!

  4. Fantastic photo. I love the sepia tone, it suits the photo very well.


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