Monday, 9 March 2009

Our Fun Monday Hostess this week is Sayre Smiles and this is our assignment

What are you and your family doing to deal with the current economic situation on a personal level? Obama's got a plan for the nation, but how do you/will you deal with your own economic stress?

I am in the fortunate position of not being immediately affected by the current economic situation. I am lucky enough to live in a rent-free house that comes with my job so I am not encumbered by a mortgage and several of my bills are also paid for me. But nonetheless, I am not being complacent.

I have to pay for my central-heating oil, which is not cheap these days, so I try to use the central heating as little as possible and instead use my wood-burning stove.

I cycle back and forth to work as I really have no reason to drive as it's quicker to cycle, plus it gives me some exercise!

I have my own chickens who lay enough eggs for me and also enough for me to give some to friends and colleagues in return for the odd favour.

I've started a compost heap which will hopefully save me having to buy fertiliser for the garden and enable me to grow some more of my own food this year. Last year I grew green beans, courgettes (zucchini) and tomatoes but this year I also want to try potatoes, sweet corn and pumpkins.

I go to the supermarket less often, mainly because when I do go I end up buying stuff that I really don't need that goes to waste. I think more about what I'm buying and whether I really need it. If I just needed a pint of milk I'd go to the supermarket and come away having spent £50 so now if I just need a few staples, I use the local shops instead. Saves me money and helps the local economy too!

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  1. By what I read here, you're doing very well. And I really like the idea of riding a bike to work!!!!

    Happy Fun Monday.

  2. I absolutely love the English version of shopping! Small shops that carry different things so that you could visit 2 or 3 just to prepare dinner. I think that when you have to whip out your wallet that many times, it's easy to try to reduce the amount you pull from it each time!

    Big box stores load you up with lots of stuff and before you know it, you're writing one BIG check because no one walks around with that kind of cash!

  3. Chickens, bikes, and compost, you put the rest of the world to shame. My dad's family raised chickens for food and they are debating whether or not to allow them in the city limits in a nearby town.

  4. I appreciate your realistic approach AOJ. You know what you have to work with and try to be careful with the resources you have. I'll bet you could tell all us Fun Mondayers a good bit about gardening to grow our own food. Growing up we had chickens--still remember my mother allowing me to have all the egg whites I wanted--can't stand the yolks.

  5. A lot more town people are keeping chicken these days I would if we had the room, it takes me back to my childhood, not that I appreciated the fresh eggs back then.

  6. We try and buy local as much as we can and we have a woodburner so we try not to use the central heating. Spend a lot of time gathering free wood!

  7. Buying local is such a good thing to do and I find it so much more enjoyable than going to a grocery or discount store. I can't wait for our farmer's market to open this spring.


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