Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tuesday Challenge #10 - Food - Eggs it is!

Stu's Tuesday Challenge for this week is Food.

You thought this week would be easy?

Food photography is difficult. Really difficult.

We don’t want a picture of your lunch. We want a picture that makes us want to eat your lunch. A picture that would appear in a menu. A picture that appeals.

If the viewers’ stomachs don’t rumble while perusing the results, we haven’t done our job properly.

Take care to arrange the food nicely, make it look fresh, make it look hot (if applicable). Make it look appetising. Like one of those burger shops where you absolutely know your burger isn’t going to look that nice. Watch out for the background, if it supports the image, emphasise it; if it doesn’t support the image, why is it there?

I’m tempted to put fruit/individual items on a hit list, but I’m not sure I like hit lists. So try to go for a complete meal, but if not, make your fruit look really juicy.

Stu wasn't wrong. Photographing food is not as eay as it might at first sound. That said, I have two images and I'm not sure which one to put forward. Whichever one you all prefer by Sunday evening is the one I'll put forward!


First one is "Egg on toast"! I do quite like this one as I think it does make you want to reach for a toasted soldier and dip it in the yolk! Well, it does me anyway!

The second is "Pudding and custard"

Any thoughts!?


  1. The egg does it for me, but that might just be because I'm looking forward to my weekly fried brekky tomorrow!

  2. They're both good. But the egg does it for me.

  3. The egg made my salivary glands start working (though this may be because it's breakfast time and I've just had a yoghurt instead of egg on toast). It's astounding what a photo can do!

  4. Egg for me! Makes me want an egg! In fact I might have one now...

  5. I'll cast the unpopular vote, just so it's not a total rout. I like the custard. The fact that I don't like runny eggs probably has a lot to do with my choice, though.

  6. My mouth watered... honestly. Egg. No contest.
    Fab photo. Right. Where's the eggs... need to cook one.

  7. Pudding for me hands down! But then its pudding time ALWAYS for me!!

    Niki xxx

  8. i'd take the 2nd one...runny eggs raw or partially cooked plain ole makes me gag!! although the picture looks spledid!!

  9. those are amazing but the egg one is even better. well done AOJ!!

  10. love poached eggs on toast.
    But I'd have the custard for dessert, thank you.


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