Thursday, 5 March 2009


It's just like the old place isn't it!?

I know it seems silly moving from one Blogger blog to another Blogger blog, but I do have my reasons.

I wanted the blog to reflect that we are now a multi-sighthound house, with a Greyhound as well as Lurchers. And yes, I know I could have just changed the title, and indeed I did do that, but some years ago, I did something a bit stupid with my Google account and since then I've always had to sign in using the ex-Himself's e-mail. Quite frankly, I wanted to move on from having to do that.

I did try out WordPress but, although I consider myself reasonably technically au fait, WordPress had me completely flummoxed.

So here we are! Do please comment and let me know you've found me!


  1. Found you AND added you back into the bloglist after removing the old one!

  2. Found you and amended my link!

  3. Cooee! Tig!

    Who's turn is it to hide now?

  4. Aha - so this is where you are. Thanks for explaining why you've moved. Sounds good to me!

  5. oh, that was me - forgot I'm logged in as the TNA!!!


    Niki xxx

  6. I found you too, smart move btw. I've got all my favourite reads in my google reader BUT life has been mental lately so I've fallen behind. Finally starting to get out and amongst the blogs again! :-)


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