Thursday, 16 October 2008


You know that you really, really need to get a life when the highlight of your day is the fact that you have brand new socks to put on in the morning.

Socks are the bane of my life, and something of an obsession. I have to have comfortable, soft socks. They also have to be thick enough to wear with my boots. And I also have to have a thin pair of cotton socks to wear underneath the thick socks. Don't ask. I don't know why either. It's a habit I got into a few years ago when the then thick socks I owned rubbed my feet and it's stayed with me ever since.

The problem I've had over the last few months is that my socks have been disappearing. I don't have the usual problem of them disappearing into the unknown wastes of the washing machine never to be seen again. They come out of the washing machine just fine with the exact number of pairs that I put in there. No, my socks disappear somewhere between the wash basket and washing machine or between the washing line or airer and my sock draw. The loss of my socks has become annoying. WHERE the f**k do they go?

Once Himself left, I seemed to be reduced to any number of pairs of very worn, thin cotton socks, and my thick socks? Gone. Only two pairs remained, and they were getting very thin at the heel. I can't believe he would have taken my socks. He had about 50 trillion pairs of his own so he wouldn't have needed to take mine as well.

So Tuesday evening I spent more money than I believed could possibly be spent on new socks. Lots of nice thick wooly ones and lovely soft thin cotton ones. My sock draw is replete and my obsession sated.

I suppose there are worse things in life to be obsessive about.



  1. I haven't worn socks since last winter.

    Well, except the day we went hiking as a family.

    It is too hot here for socks 8 months out of the year....

  2. I never wear socks in the summer but as soon as it gets cold out I head straight for the sock drawer and go from wearing no socks at all to doing what you do.
    Thin pair covered by thick, soft, wooly pair.
    Why would someone steal your socks???
    That's just not right.

  3. I have a sock fetish too! I wear Falke 'Airport' socks. These are really lovely thin cotton/wool socks that keep you really warm - can be bought short or knee high. I also have thick pairs to add over the top - am not so fussy what make they are.

  4. You know are not alone..I love socks!! have you ever bought the kind that are infused with Aloe??? OMGosh I so love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Funny you should write about socks. I have just been sorting mine now it's beginning to get colder. I think I need a few new pairs!


    It's good to have a full sock drawer.

  7. Even if the way you got your new socks is a bit suspious, fluffy new socks are great to have.

    Although I prefer my feet nekked!

  8. He took your socks???????

    I need certain socks as well - thick ones - doubled up for the horsey stuff, frotty ones for wandering the house, the odd posh one for posh things. I have to wear odd socks though.



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