Friday, 17 October 2008

Expensive dogs

Greyhound No.1 very nearly cost me a lot of money last night.

I had to take Lurcher No.2 to the vet last night to have his annual vaccinations. I don't usually like to leave the hounds of an evening when I've been at work all day (although I do come home at lunchtime) but I booked a late appointment and the hounds had a nice long walk, some chill out time and dinner before Lurcher No.2 and I had to leave.

All three are used to being left at home, either all three or a combination of any two of them. None of them are chewers but Greyhound No.1 will have a go at paper things if they are left lying around and he's in the mood - I think it's happened about three times since he's been with us. So off I went with nary a thought....

An hour later I got home. I wandered into the bedroom and started clearing up - the one thing Greyhound No.1 does do is unmake the bed so there are usually pillows and my jimjams all over the place.

Then you know when you suddenly stop because your brain registers that there is something there that shouldn't be there?

And you know that feeling after a split second when your brain registers what that something is? And your stomach sinks to your boots?

Strewn around my bedroom were bank notes. £500 worth of bank notes to be exact. Greyhound No.1 had found the roll of banknotes from last Saturday's fundraiser which was waiting for me to bank. How he found it when it was hidden away I will never know but find it he did.

I nearly passed out on the spot.

Fortunately he hasn't eaten any and it's all still there. Most of it is intact and what isn't, isn't in too many pieces.


  1. What a horrible stomach lurching moment for you!

  2. So that's what that big gust of air was all about... all the air leaving your body over there across the pond...

    Perhaps, if this fundraising thing is going to be a regular event, you should invest in a metal lock box - with key. He might knock it around a bit, but at least he can't eat it.

  3. oohh dear!! so does he like the smell of$$

  4. Good God, it would have stopped my heart.

  5. And as founder of said rescue that needs that money what did I do when she told me?

    Laugh and alot!

    Gotta love the boy he has taste.

  6. He's clearly got the nose for routing out the cash. Good job he was satisfied with just messing it about. As you say it could have been expensive!

  7. Ohmygosh … I’m sure you’re relieved that DISASTER was narrowly averted!!!
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Oh my...I can't believe it, lucky he didn't eat any of it! LOL

  9. Oooooh! Thank God you're not French! We can sellotape our damaged banknotes and they're still legal. French ones aren't. Tear them in half and they're worthless (at least when they still had the franc).

  10. The little shit! I guess you'll be breaking out the Scotch tape?

  11. sometimes they think we need reminding of just how valuable they really are!



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