Monday, 20 October 2008

Fun Monday - This is my day

Our hostess for this week's Fun Monday is Sarah and this is our assignment

"I would like you to take your camera (or your artistic talents!) on a day tour with you. I want to know where you go, what you get up to on a “normal” day (disclaimer - it doesn’t have to be “normal”!). All the details you would consider boring! You are free to make your FM posts as long or as short as you’d like"

OK, I'm afraid I picked a very routine and mundane day to do this.

I get up in the morning and this is the first thing I do....make some tea.

Then I shower - that is just water splashes on the shower door by the way!

Then I walk the hounds

Then I feed the chickens..........

.........and check for eggs

Then I get on my trusty steed....

....and cycle to work.

This is my office

This is my desk with work in progress!

The view from my window

Then I get on my bike again and cycle home for lunch

I'm greeted by this

then I go back to work.

Then I walk the hounds again

The rest of the day involved taking Lurcher No.2 to the vets and I'm really annoyed that I forgot to take my camera with me.

Welcome to my mundane day!! I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone elses day when I return from holiday, so please forgive me for not commenting on your posts today.


  1. I have to come back ! I can't see your pictures.
    I also couldn't reach Sarah, I probably ended up in her spam bin !
    Could you please tell her that I participate ?

  2. Looks like a busy day...and filled with wonderful pet and human relations...LOVE the photos!!!

    My day is a day trip...a little historical walk about.

  3. I love the going home for lunch part....I get to do that about half the time. I love the chorus of barking hounds that greets me. Erases ALL sorts of stress (and the days that I don't make it home are quite stressful).

  4. wow. not mundane at all. i love that your life is busy and filled with nature--dogs, chickens, eggs, country roads.

    i am quite envious.

  5. I loved seeing one of your typical days. The greeting you get is brilliant looks like they are smiling a welcome.

  6. Oh, I LOVE it when you come home and how you are greeted!! Doggy love - aint it great?

  7. Amazing how many of us have two things in common with our days:
    1) coffee/tea
    2) pets

    Love the view you have riding to work. Wow. Thanks for sharing your day. Have a wonderful week.

  8. Love those efficient water boilers for So much more satisfying than the micro and almost as fast. Like other commenters, the best part of any day is being greeted by those faces over the baby gate. It's like, "Now I can live again."

    I was a bit lazy about Fun Monday and am keeping up last post about "normal" travel day from London to Amsterdam and around the city. Lots of bikes there too, if you'd like to compare.

  9. LOVE the look of the building in which you work! LOVE the fact that you cycle to work and cycle home for lunch :0) What a lovely day!

  10. Your cycling trip looks peaceful...and I love the looks on the Lurchers' faces! They are SO happy to see you!

    Must have photos at vet's office. Must.

  11. Your "mundane" day sounds absolutely lovely.

  12. Your mundane day sure takes some great photos... :) Mine was sorely lacking in photos despite setting the assignment - my camera wasn't working so ended up taking them on my phone which just didn't match up.

    Love the photo of the hounds at the gate waiting for you.

    Thanks so much for taking part in (and publicising!) Fun Monday this week.

  13. What a fun post … I start my day with coffee too … and walk Molly when it gets light out … but I have no chickens or eggs to collect and (because I’m retired) sometimes I don’t shower until later in the day when I’m ready to go out. Because I didn't find the challenge until last night, mine is a bit 'different' ... but I did publish Fun Monday at Small Reflections this morning.
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. I love your office view and that you can bike to work. :o)

  15. you live in a beautiful area..I would love to walk my dog in your woods every day!!

  16. Now I could see it all. You feed chicken and dogs I feed my cats in the morning, lol !

  17. Great day though, and so picturesque where you live too!


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