Sunday, 12 August 2007

Pretty in Pink

OH has gone to his niece's 18th Birthday party this afternoon. The theme of the party is "Pink".

Most ordinary people would wear something pink. OH's ordinary side has done that - pink t-shirt and pink cowboy hat. His not so ordinary side has dyed pink the white in his beard. He kept meaning to try it and make sure it would washout but he never got round to it.

Tomorrow morning could be fun!

In other news.....

Life has been a mad whirl of waking up, walking hounds, going to work, walking hounds, going to sleep, waking up, walking hounds......with the odd visit to the vet in between.

Poor Wesley Presley has been through the mill a bit over the last few weeks. New home, straight in to the vets for de-nadding and two warts removed, back for check-up, back again for stitches out, microchipping and vaccinations, back again because he developed a reaction to the internal stitches and developed a small egg-sized lump. Then he goes back again on Tuesday for second vaccinations. The good news is that I think we have a lovely home lined up for him with a couple who live near me and who already have a beautiful 3-year old whippet. I'm going to miss this boy. A lot.

And we're already planning the next possible foster! Who said it was addictive....?

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