Monday, 27 August 2007

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Went to a Two-Day Event and Country Fair this weekend. Ostensibly to raise funds for Greyhound Gap, but a little fun was had with the camera whilst there (more of that tomorrow). Sunday involved some lurcher and terrier racing so there was quite a lot of hounds to snog. Which was nice.

Lurchers come in all sizes, colours and degrees of hairiness, depending on their breeding. A lurcher will usually have a greyhound as one parent with a pastoral or terrier type as the other. A second-cross lurcher will have a lurcher as both parents. Yes, mongrels but mongrels that are a recognised "type". Yesterday a lady approached our stall with several lurchers that I had not seen the like of before. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Ooooh....they are beautiful! They look like a cross between a Whippet and a Borzoi" (remember I said that. It's important).

Lady, in that manner that dog-breeders reserve for someone who has just asked them what cross their very expensive pedigree pooch is: "Oh no, these are Silken Windhounds"

Me, having been momentarily lost for words: "Gosh"

So we got chatting and it turns out these Silken Windhounds are a newly recognised breed. In Slovenia.

Me: "So if they are a newly recognised breed, what is their history as I presume there is sighthound in there somewhere?"

Lady: "Oh yes, Whippet and Borzoi"

Umm....right. Didn't I say......? Obviously not the same thing at all. Silly me.

Anyway, they were stunning....even if a little odd choice of cross if you ask me. They are a little bigger than your average Whippet but with the beautiful curly silky coat of a Borzoi. This be them:

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