Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Ho Hum. With emphasis on the hum.

We went camping this weekend. The annual clan camping trip.

I forgot to pack half the things I needed. Mugs are always useful to drink coffee out of don't you think?

Lurcher No.1 was stung by a bee on her gum on Friday evening. Much swelling. Much panicking when I realise that I don't have a phone number for a local vet, much less than that, I don't even know where the local vet is. Won't be going anywhere without that information again. Fortunately she was fine but I'd have been stymied if she had had an anaphylactic reaction.

Saturday afternoon it started to rain. That drizzly, damp, pervasive rain. And it stayed that way for just about all of the rest of the weekend. We braved the elements to have a BBQ and a bonfire once it got dark. But we had fun nonetheless.

Onto the humming. When we got home, I realised I'd forgotten to take something else with me. The meat I'd been defrosting for The Lurcher's supper on Friday night. It absolutely stunk! Nothing leaves a pervasive hum quite like rotten meat. Eewwww

Dakota, thank you for your comment on my last blog. I've had so many people wishing me well for today that I've been quite overwhelmed! I do know some lovely people! The scan went fine and the lady doing the scan was almost 100% sure that it was just a lymph node. It was just a pea-shaped lump and there didn't appear to be any irregularities in it's shape nor were there any blood vessels in it...both of which would be expected if it was cancerous. I'll know for definite when I go back to the clinic in a few weeks but, for now, cue a very large sigh of relief!

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