Wednesday, 22 August 2007

I am not well.

It's official. I am a poorly bunny today. So poorly that OH was asked to walk The Lurchers this morning. I'm that poorly. Nothing to do with the fact that it's howling a gale and peeing down. Oh no. I am poorly.

I felt lousy last night with an aching throat and head. Lisa suggested it was just a release of stress after yesterday. I was inclined to think she was right and that a good night's sleep would put me right. Except I still feel lousy this morning, with blocked sinuses and the waves of dizziness that go with them to boot. I shall be brave and noble and make my way to work, in the vain hope they'll send me home again, even if only to stop the noise of my groans and sniffles from echoing around the office.

Not sure going on the bike is a good idea though. Dizziness and howling gales are probably not conducive to safe cycling.

And why, in the middle of August, is it howling a gale and peeing down? It's not right I tell you, it's not right.

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